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I currently play Bretonnia and I wanted to start a 2nd army. Something that is opposite of Bretonnia and I thought of Dwarfs. I found an auction in eBay that comes with a dwarf lord , runesmith ,anvil of doom ,cannon and dwarf king. it also includes a carrying case with 30 dwarf warriors. is this a good start for a dwarf army?

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aye id say that is a good wee thing to start off with but is very character heavy the best things to do would buy either the battalion box or maybe a warrior box/missile troop box. a good dwarf army tends to be a blend of shooting and combat so it would be a good idea to have a good core force of warriors, longbeards, thunderers and quarellers quickly but as im here and have time to waste.....

GW advice:

lets start with the mandatory pro’s and con’s bit

above average WS and T
LD higher than some armies hero choices
Very well armoured troops generally
very effective shooting as far as shooting goes
plenty of character in the army (you can get the feeling of dwarves without much hassle)
interesting and fun array of war machines and goodies
more de-spell dice available basic
The largest (and possibly the best) armoury section available to any army

low movement (pfft who needs to move when you have more guns than them i ask you? Let them come to us I say! That or meet them en route :p )
no magic of any kind (meh who needs it? nothing magic can do that a dwarf with an axe can't!.... ok yeah magic rain etc but nothing we need!)
reliance on CR to win most fights (we can take damage like no other but giving it back is a lot harder so fight via attrition or use our elite dwarves as hammers to inflict pain)
no cavalry (again not really needed and a bugger to paint in my opinion :p)

Now that that’s out the way lets look at the units we can get our grubby little mits on….


Dwarf Lord
The big man. This guy has top shot at being the toughest guy on a battlefield at anything under 300 points. With a huge array of goodies from the runic section this guy can be tooled for almost any job be it rank butchering to down right hard to killyness. The only dwarf in the army with LD 10 use him wisely to strengthen your already resolute troops with an extra point of LD.

This guy has changed a lot in our 6.5 upgrade. He has for starters got an extra de-spell dice added to his pool totalling one more than our rune smith. He also now has access to the new anvil of doom and its unblockable tricks of niftyness.

Deamon slayer
Im not a terrible fan of this guy but he has his uses. One of our biggest answers to nasty monsters this guy benefits from the slayer rules and can handle himself in combat well but a lack of armour puts him down in my eye’s/


This guy has really improved from version 6. he has got an extra point of toughness giving us one of the toughest hero choices about. He gets gromril armour included in his cost and has 25 points more magic gizmos available to him thane your everyday chaos or high elf heros (muhahahaha! Pansy elf boys!)

Much like a runelord but a lot cheeper. This guy is your main line of antimagic so don’t forget him. With above average hero stats he is still able to handle himself in combat so don’t be afraid to tool him with a 3+ save and great weapon. He might not be a thane but he is still pretty tough.

Master engineer
Now this guy is fun. A huge boost over the old engineer this guy can give our warmachines trenches (see book for details) can give our bolters extreamly high BS to work with and double our cannons wounding power (that part I like).

Dragon slayer:
See deamon slayer.


These guys are spectacular from my view point no other army has such effective troops for the cost available. With the dwarf statline these little guys can battle off foes from ogres to goblins quite effectively if you can get them in head on one on one combat. These guys tend to perform badly if they get flanked (like most units) or get faced with a large fear-causing foe. The idea is to wear your foe down over a few turns and an auto break does not help.

Warriors + that’s about it these guys are very much the extra points to upgrade and can be considered equal (if not better) than chaos warriors for one or two points less :p

Crossbow dwarfs with a nifty name see the big red book for details

The best hand gunners in the game able to shoot a yak from 24� away without much hassle these guys are worth the points. The can handle them selves pretty well in combat if given shields as well


These guys quite simply kick ass! Even cheaper than longbeards these guys are your killer unit in most offensive armies. Packing the combat power of great weapon equipped chaos warriors in a compact bundle these guys will rarly run if joined by a dwarf lord who once again (tooled correctly) will maul most units these guys come across.

Iron breakers
Who needs knights for a 2+ save? Not us probably one of the best infantry armour saves in the game these guys come at a bargin bucket price for their skills and make wonderful line holders worth the investment.

These are another one of those re-vamped units. Possibly tricky to use effectively these guys and a whole new dimension to playing as dwarfs as it can get you into your foes deployment in turn 2 (a very rare thing in a dwarf force) and can attack warmachines that are kicking about there (or at least draw a turn of fire). For better results add a steam drill and a champion.

Slayers are the answer for all of your fear causing issues. Have to fight trolls, ogres, gorgers, dragons, giants, wyverns, griffons, or any other fear/terror causer. Send your slayers at it. With their WS, T, and variable S they excel at killing what ails you. So some one sends some skaven slaves your way. As long as they don't have spears stick the slayers on them. With 2 attacks from the slayer axes is ginsu mode they will eat through low skilled and low T units quickly. However you still need some static CR. I will normally equip my big blocks of slayers with 1 Giant Slayer and a Banner if they are over 15-16 strong. That way I am looking at +4 for CR.

Now if you do get a bad match up and are stuck fighting something strong then whip out the GWs and cut through that armor. You will be attacking last so make the attacks count.

Bolt throwers:
Point and roll it does not get much simpler. A lot of goodies available, the best would be a rune of penetrating for chariot busting goodness.

With the correct runes a dwarf cannon will out power anything those manlings can get their mits on any day. Runes to look out for : rune of forging

Stone thrower
Currently my favourite special warmachine. Takes a bit more skill to use than a cannon but can get the same (or better) effects if it scores a good hit. Runes to think about: rune of accuracy, rune of penetrating


Flame cannon
Voted the 3rd best unit breaker in the wfb world this thing is very very fun to have. Packing a flame template these things eat infantry up like no tommorow and causes panic tests as long as it causes some damage. Best to aim at dencly packed units and lightly armoured forces.

My personal favourite. This thing is leathal if used well, able to close off a flank and keep those pesky flyers away your foe will respect this if it can get a 10 shot burst off into his precious 1+ save units (bringing them down to 4+) and splattering skirmishers like no tommorow.

This is our answer to enemy speed. Our fastest little dwarf on the battle field a gyro copter is what we use to march block and lure cavalry away from more important targets. Though it lacks a high S ranged attack a flame template is always good and thanks to its flyer skills you can get behind those big blocks of gobbo’s and give them a good blast up the rear end. it has also recently got that wonderful boost in S in its profile letting it have 2 S4 attacks. mage hunting perhaps?

This is of course a very loose explanation meant only to give players a rough idea on whether they want to play as dwarves or not. The choice in its self it up to you but I beg that you search out information hidden away in the pinned topics. They may look dull but almost all of the great dwarf players on the forum have graced those threads and there is a good chance your future questions has been answered in the past.

----- Arklite

(dang do my fingers hurt)
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What not to use

By the way, do not use the runelord. Many beginners think they are great, but runesmiths are a much better way to dispell.

Even though the anvil is apealing it is only worth using in big games, (it can easily be destroyed).


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I have just started dwarfs and yes your right in my case.Ifind the anvil of doom actually a great warmachine and if i was going to play 2000 points the temptation is great.but if you take an anvil of doom with you you get an extra dispel dice but indeed it is a expensive one.I still think the anvil is interesting and if i am going to play 2000 points I will test with both of them.

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lord_shaggoth said:
I have just started dwarfs and yes your right in my case.Ifind the anvil of doom actually a great warmachine and if i was going to play 2000 points the temptation is great.but if you take an anvil of doom with you you get an extra dispel dice but indeed it is a expensive one.I still think the anvil is interesting and if i am going to play 2000 points I will test with both of them.
Sometimes it work great, other times it has been completely unreliable.

Specially when it got charged by two gorgers!
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