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I've been thinking lately about how to deal with the various Flankers and War Machine Hunters. More often than not, though, I'm finding that an Organ Gun seems to do wonders. Does anyone advocate anything else that works really well?

I've also considered building something especially for this purpose but I think I got carried away with the idea.

Bolt Thrower - 95
-Rune of penetrating
-Valiant Rune
-Master Engineer - 109
-Master Rune of Gromril
-Brace of pistols
-Great Weapon


How likely is it that this will work as Flank-Bait and trap a major War Machine Hunter and earn back its points? I’ve been tossing around the idea, but it seems unlikely.

quik-quik, kill-kill!
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I think it's a bit pricey as just a flank protector. You could just as easily take 10 slayers with a giant slayer and put them on the flank for 125 pts, and save yourself a hero slot.
Or save yourself a special slot and take a dragon slayer.

The master engineer is better used to buff your warmachines ( he is a really tough cooky to crack for most warmachine hunters though. Give him a rune of stone, GW and brace of pistols to save yourself a lot of points ( and the master rune of gromril is really a rune used for your combat characters, it is a must on BSB's. ) . Such a master engineer will kill most regular fast cav or light flyers that attack your warmachine. Harpies, dark riders, eagles, fell bats etc. etc. All easy for your master engineer.

But just put him on a cannon or grudge thrower for his engineering abilities and leave the flank protection to a bunch of slayers, or just shoot everything to bits that tries to go towards the flanks, from far away.

If a dragon lands next to you, you are screwwwwed anyway.
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