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Inspired by the film "Black Hawk Down" I strived to create a suitable Warhammer 40K based Battle Mission with thet movie as a back drop. I would like to get this play tested for those that are interested and of course, share your thoughts on it. (This is the first one, if you have suggestions on additional war movies, please put them here and I'll come up with something) [email protected]!

"Thunder Hawk Down"

Scale: 2000+pts or Apocolypse
Allies: Imperial Forces (SM, Eldar, etc)
Opponents: Militiad Forces (Chaos, Tyranid, etc)
Terrain: Heavy urban/ruin area.

Briefing: In a recent extrat mission, a transport carrier has been shot down by enemy anti-aircraft. We are unaware of any surviviors, but we will not leave ANY man behind. Get in there ASAP and bring those men home. Expect to hit heavy resistance.

Special deployment: Allied forces may deploy on any edge of the board, up to 12" in, with a 24" wide area. Any forces unable to fit on this section will deploy in reserve until space is available. Enemy forces may deploy anywhere else on the table but at least 18" away from the Allied deployment zone.

Special Rules: Allied forces...

1. Leave no man behind. Absolutely no man must be left behind in this mission. Casualty models must not be removed from the table, but instead be carried off the field by a fellow soldier. For each casualty suffered, an additional model must be designated as a carrier, in order to insure that model survives. Wounded models and their carriers may break squad coherency in order to retreat off the table edge/deployment zone. This unit gains an invlunerable save and Feel no Pain. The unit may enlarge itself so long as it remains a 1to1 casualty/carrier ratio.

2. Quick mission. Allied forces were unable to adequatley prepare for this mission and are therefore limited to a single supper heavy vehicle OR a single AV14 vehicle.

Speal Rules: Nemesis forces...

1. The city shall rise against them. All basic infantry gain "Without number" and may be used again if the unit is completely destroyed. Recycled units may return from their deployment zones anywhere on the table.

2. Militia based armory. Nemesis forces do not have many supplies as the city is in ruins. They are limited to a single supper heavy OR a single AV14 vehicle.

Strategic Assests/Objectives...

Allied Forces. For every casualty safely removed, gain 1 Objective or 100 Victory Points. For destroying the Thunder Hawk, gain 4 objectives or 400 Victory points.

Nemesis Forces. For every casualty captured, gain 1 Objective or 100 Victory Points. For capturing the Thunder Hawk, gain 4 Objectives, or 400 Victory POints.

The Thunder Hawk is considered a AV 14 armor. Casualties may be captured by Nemesis forces the same way Allied forces carry them.
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