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This is a series I cooked up for the first 40K board I was part of. It was very well received by the member of not that board but the other boards I took it too as well. If you are part of Rite of War or Inquisitorial Archives then you already know the story.

WarBand Chronicle Session One Mission Zero

The com-link buzzed... "Snake here, I'm in position. Bearing three four six mark five. The bell tower of the town hall."

Dyne nodded at the report and glanced at the two others with him. Grey was looking at bit too nervous, but it was first time on a mission, even if was just negotiation. He grins at the fledgling Marine; this probably made him all the more unsure.

He tries to offer some words of comfort, “calm down kid, I wont let anything happen to you. You know that."

The Sister at his side tries to help too, "I felt the exact same way when I joined up too, I was a nervous wreck my first time too... Just take a few deep breaths and stop thinking, Dyne will handle everything.�

Dyne grins, "Thanks Eve."

He looks her over for a sec then shifts his gaze back to Grey then back to her again, “what'd you pack for the trip?�

She grins mischievously, “the Flayer and my Rapier. Why?�

He shrugs, “the Webber may have proven more useful, but the Flayer will do.�

She gives him an odd look then stands up and walks out the door to wait on the vacant street by herself.

Grey looks at him, “I.... I got my Bolter and Chain Sword... does that count for anything,� the still nervous Marine asks.

“Not really considering it's standard for most Marines,� it was a bit mean but Marine’s were probably used to it.

The COM buzzes again.... "

Dyne, its Odin. Thor and I are set. We're set up just behind where the meeting will take place. No one will be able to see unless they're using Bio scanners."

Dyne nods, “stay put, this Trader is said to have a powerful DemonHost in his possession. I'll need you're concentration at full to banish it,� he speaks a bit louder, “Thor keep him covered.�

A large feminine grunt is the reply.

Dyne leans back for a sec and looks at Grey, then smiles, “I've seen how you look at Thor... It's not often a Marine meets a woman that can beat his battle brothers in arm wrestling or looks down on some for that matter.�

The boy gets up in a huff and walks out to join Eve, Dyne can only shrug.

He checks the COM again.... "

Snake, you see em yet?

The gruff sniper responds, “Yea, they're commin... Looks like a HellHound Transport Coversion, poorly armed though.... Only an Inferno Cannon is connected, looks like a nig rig too, no Heavy Bolter in the front though.�

Dyne stands and dusts off his trench coat, “copy that, when they disembark draw a bead on the leader and don let him move out of it.�

The sniper sets himself, scanning the area one last time with his scope, Enemy in my sights.

Dyne takes out his Bolt Pistols from their holsters at the small of his back, unsaftied, fully loaded and two spare clips per, it was go time.

“Everyone stay cool and let me do the talking,� he instructs his team members as he strolls out onto the dusty street.

The afternoon sun was beating down on the three members in the open as they watch the troop transport roll toward them. The wind kicks up the dust and obscures the vehicle for a moment, Dyne squints, his one dark blue eye (the left one) follows the machine as it swerves and slides to a stop fifty feet away. The opposing forces exit their ride, the first is an Arco, small in size, armed with a Power Flail on it's right arm and a Chain Pincer on the left. Next was the obvious right hand man, dressed in nicer clothing with a Las Pistol and Force Sword on his belt, he may be trouble. Then the Trader himself, DanCur Mafesto, he held a book tightly against his left side, probably a spell book for the Host and his right rested on a Falchion, no guns in sight, but there were sure to be a few. Finally, the target, the Demon Host Kaderian, emerges from the transport, last in line. Dyne's mind was racing, not about the target or the Trader, it was racing to find an answer to just how the hell a Rogue Trader got hold of and Arco-Flagellant........ the higher-ups of the system could be corrupt. Dyne takes a few steps forward, his belt buckle, the Inquisitions =][= symbol, bounces the light of the day into the face of the Trader.

“Inquisitor Ralley, this better be good, I don like getting drug out to this hellish place for nothing,� the Trader states boldly as one eye scope’s out the Inquisitor's backup.

“DanCur, have I ever done such a thing,� he questions as he confronts the man, “word is, you've been skippin on tythes...... Say it ain so.�

The Trader begins to sweat and his attitude changes, “Naw...... no sir, Mr. Ralley..... I.. I... I have done of the sort... you.... you, you must have heard wrong.... I am on time with my tithing,� he squirms abit.

"Then where did you acquire funds for the Acro," Dyne scowls as his right eye glows. Suddenly horns begin to protrude from the Traders head.

His left eye goes wide as he draws his guns, “INFESTATION,� he blares as the Traders head is blown apart by a round from Snake's Railgun.

The body falls and reverts to its true BloodLetter form. Dyne dives to the ground and opens fire, his Stalker Silenced rounds tear through the right hand man as a mass of BloodLetters pours from the transport.

The COM buzzes, “Dyne, more Chaos inbound. Khorne Rhino, ten Marines judging by speed.� Snake reports in razeled state.

Dyne shouts back, “Snake!?�

No response and the firing from the bell tower ceases abruptly.

Eve’s Flayer spews forth, stripping away the left arm and chest of one of the red horrors. Grey’s Chain Sword carves the heads off two in a single action, but like a chicken after chopping block one of the vile creatures runs it’s hideous blade through the young one, piercing through his armor and into one of his lungs. The Marine staggers back, dragging the headless demon along with him, he coughs up his own blood, spilling it onto the blade. With the true grit displayed only by Marines he grins and squeezes the triggering his Bolter, opening a massive hole in the beasts chest and killing it finally. Another demon slime attempts to fall upon him, but in a flash of light the foul thing bursts; its innards cover the wounded Marine. He shields his eyes for a moment, then looks around, the fighting is still on going, but for a moment he stop and nods at the raven sitting atop the street light off to his left. Odin was casting like mad, his Bio-Mancing powers were being put to the test, it wasn’t often he had so many targets to handle, but he had worse, with an unseen grin he sends Grey a surge of Warp Strength to get the boy back on his feet.

Dyne slowly hacks his way through the horde toward the DemonHost as it calmly stands in the back row watching the fight; it was no doubt behind this. A Warp Charge was it first attack, the ball of purple energy flies at the Inquisitor looking the open a hole in his chest. No one could have displayed more grace under pressure then Dyne could; he demonstrated this for the demon, sidestepping the blast with inches to spare. The hellish attack passes across his chest, singeing the knuckles of his right hand as it trailed behind him holding his sword. He brings his weapon to bare between the vile knobs this twisted thing passed off for horns, but to his horror the mighty weapon is stopped a mere hair's breath from splitting his foe in two. The vile demon grins and gives the valiant warrior a hard stare then sends him through the wooden wall of a vacant tavern. Dyne had not counted on the beast being telekinetic. His own powers would now have to come into play.

He opens the com-link, “everyone fall back to the tower, take care of the Rhino and Berserkers and find out about Snake.�

Eve attempts to argue, “what about....�

But he cuts her off, “just go �

As the others comply he stands up and dusts himself off, then slowly walks back out onto the street. A smug look on his face, he can feel his own power beginning to rise, he'd go easy on the demon for a moment, then rip it limbs off and beat it to death with them. A flick of the wrist fells the last Blood Letter as it attempts to chop at Dyne from his right. The red thing falls dead with the front of its chest and head sliced clean off. A sick smile crosses the Inquisitors mouth as he relished the benifits of wielding a Mono-Filliment Sword.

Ever confident he saunters out to the Host, a devilish grin still across his lips as he begins to tap his powers. In a flash the buildings surrounding the combatants implode and fall to the ground like they were hit with a wreakingball. Dyne had just literally leveled the playing field. The Demon hisses and charges, it's mangled limbs flailing about like fleshy whips, bristiling with sickly powerful energy. Dyne mearly smirks and holds out his left hand then reaches out with his mind. WHAM! The Demon is stopped in its tracks, the poor creature tries to move but the Inquisitor's power is far to great for the thing to overcome. It wails in agony as it's arms are slowly torn from it's torso, the ichor of it's life blood spews from the wounds and scorches the earth. Like a cryptic conductor Dyne waves both his hands around moving the severed arm down and forcing them to grip the legs and make a wish.

"WWWWAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH" , is the howl of the fallen Host. It lies on the ground writhing in pure unadulterated pain.

Dyne grins maniacally and begins to sing an utterly sick tune, the likes of which only a Chaos follower or Dark Eldar would chant as they reveled in the long painful death of an adversairy. He sings his crazed little melody, bouncing to the tune and swaying slightly as he conducts the arms to beat the fallen Host with it's own legs.

Fifteen minutes pass before Dyne is satisfied that the creature is dead. The limbs fall on the corpse as he holds out his left hand again, drawing his telekinetic powers back to store. A quick lift from his right breast pocket produced a flask of holy water.

"Burn in Hell," were Dyne's last rights for the demon as a massive FireBall erupted from the host as the water was poured on it. The dead body writhed as though it was still living, giving great pleasure to Dyne as he watched.

A raven alights on his shoulder, the dark birds eyes glow a pale green and ashes of the former host are blown away in a small breeze, the image of winged demon arises as they are blown away. It wails silently as it is banished back to the warp.
Dyne scratches the birds feathered head and it flies away, he turns and follows it.

He glances back toward the rubble of a fallen building, something moved.... something small, he jogs over to check it.

"RRAAAHHHH," is the cry heard as the Arco leaps forth from the rubble in a black blur.

Dyne takes a step back as the little thing circles him.

A malevolent grin crosses it's twisted face, “you lucked out this time Ralley, next time we wont go so easy on you,� is the cryptic warning from something shouldn’t even be able to talk.

Dyne's left eye widens, “by the Throne..... what the hell are you?�

“You'll find out who “we� are soon enough,� with that the little guy sprints off and disappears in the blink of an eye.

Dyne takes these words to heart as he turns toward a small plume of smoke raising from the center of the town; looks like the team had some fun. Glancing at the bell tower he sees two Berserkers hung by their entrails from the ledges, Snake was alive.

Rounding a corner he sees his WarBand a little tore up, but nothing they couldn’t live through, Thor eyes him as he approaches.

“You were singing as you were killing it weren't you,� the huge amazon asks as she pats her Power Hammer against one hand.

Dyne grins, “Yes I was,� and changes the subject, “Call the ship, tell them we're done here.�

Eve snorts in disgust and continues to pick her nails clean from Berserker flesh with a field knife. Grey lifts his head slightly with a twinge of pain, his ribs hadn't healed all the way yet, he gives a nod at Dyne to say he would live. Odin remains quiet, sitting beside Snake who had lit up a smoke in celebration.

A drop ship swoops down overhead and blasts them with sand, and engine heat and exhaust. They shield their eyes and slowly begin to move toward the LZ. Dyne remains quiet, his head in deep thought. Was the Arco the ring leader, or a pawn in a larger game..... Dyne was beginning to feel like a pawn as well. Only time would tell what needed to be told now. Dyne hangs his head, he hated waiting.

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This was very interesting. Hope you have more chapters.

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