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I'm looking at my army and am building a Lizardman warband

my 200 point list is the core of my 500 point list with some unit size changes

200 Warband

8 Saurus Warriors
Standard and Champion 120pts

5 Skink Scouts 35pts

7 Skink Skirmishers 42pts

Total pts. 197

for this one I'm wondering about whether to remove the scouts bonus from my Skinks to make it two units of Skirmishers

500 Warband

200 point list with following amendments
Scouts Unit Size 4 28pts
Skirmishers Unit Size 6 36 pts

7 Saurus Warriors
Champion & Musician 102pts.

1 Salamandar Hunting Pack 65pts.


I'm debating about the equipment on this hero.
Iknow I'm giving him light armour but I don't know what else to give him
1. Aura of Quetzl, BS of Quetzl, Enchanted Shield, GW 146pts
for this setup I might remove the GW so he can gain the maximum effectiveness from the Enchanted Shield. As for the Aura of Quetzl I don't know what to do about it since I probably wont see S5 units in a Warband Game.
2. BS of Quetzl, Charm of Jaguar Warrior, Venom of Firefly Frog, GW 141pts.
with this setup I would have him go out and fight the Chaos Knights I'm going to fight, otherwise I might lean towards this setup for the warbands campaign I'm going to do.

Total pts. 492

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I'm not experianced in games this size or warbands at all but I think your second scar vet is illegal because it has both the charm of the jaguar and venom of the firefly frog which are both enchanted items I beleive. I also have used that combination but was told I was not allowed for that reason.

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Thats not true if i remember corrcetly the guy on the GW site gave his Scar-Vet that same combo.Hmmm I might be wrong but o well. Any way the list is cool but I think you shouldn't take the Scar-Vet.I'll show you my army list:

Hero: Skink Priest lvl1

Core: 10 Saurus+ Champ+standard
10 Skinks with blow pipes
10 Skinks with javes

Special: 3 Saurus Cavalry

Rare: 1 Salamander

Total: 499pts

Note: Salemanders are exellent against armys with a basic toughness of 3 or lower(their's alot of them) and the Saurus Cavalry are hard to kill with their +2 armour save in close combat!

Hope this helps!;)

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Nakai_11 said:
Thats not true if i remember corrcetly the guy on the GW site gave his Scar-Vet that same combo.Hmmm I might be wrong but o well.
You got me excited, but turns out you didn't remember correctly:(
Saurus Scar-Veteran
with light armour, shield, Great weapon,
Aura of Quetzl, Venom of the Firefly Frog
138 points

That was his customization (I am assuming you are talking about the tactics section/ both 1000 and 3000 points has this combo). What may have made you think this is when he talks about enchanted item he says COTJ and VOFF catch his eye and he opts to take the latter.

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Here goes.

Your 200 pts list looks fine. Though I would drop the standard for another Saurus. Though the Standard would help more, the risk of losing it is too great. And you certainly don't want to give away 100 VP in a 200 pts game. That would definitely lose you the game as it would give the enemy 220 VP (unit+banner) which is prolly more than what you would gain if you killed hte enite enemy army, unlikely if the Saurus unit is deaad...

In the 500 pts list the Scar-vet is a good bet. I'd give him a great weapons, light armour, shield, Charm of the Jaguar Warrior and either the Spawning of Quetzl or Sotek, making him 133 pts. That will help against those Chaos Knights.
Don't bother with a Ward save. You won't face enough pain to make it worthwile in such a small game. With a great weapon you neither need magical or poisonous attacks. You'll wound almost all stuff you encounter on a 2+ and all but the heavy cavalry will have no save, the latter only a 6+.

I would also drop all unit champions and standards (the Scar-vet can perfectly lead the force) to make it 2 units of 8 Saurus (maybe with musicians), or 1 unit of 8 and 1 of 10. I'd spend the remaining points on beefing the Skink units somewhat.

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