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Warhammer Battle Arena Information+Character posting

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Ok, here we go-here whats happening:

The first 8 characters sent to me will be entered.

Points limit is 240

To make it fairer for Hero choices, all characters have a magic equipment point limit of 75pts.The normal rules for Magic items apply as usual.

No wizards, sorcerors, mages etc are allowed in the Arena. This includes Chaos characters with the Mark of Tzeentch.

No VC Wraiths! Their fights will either be very short and boring or very long and boring.

Characters will start in HtH and fight in order of Initiative. There is NO CHALLENGING ALLOWED.

If your character has twice the move of your opponent you will count as charging the first turn.

No break tests are taken. The fight lasts until you are dead.

Steeds are allowed and counts towards the points allowed. Monster steeds, however, are not allowed. Chariots are NOT allowed.

Any characters with a ranged weapon will be allowed to shoot once (or more depending on what ranged weapon they have) before the fight begins.

Only bound spell magic is allowed. To keep things fair, any bound spell has a 50% chance of succeeding. (Attacker D6 vs. Defender D6)

Items which state "nominate an opponent" are officially banned from the Arena. This includes bloodline powers, slayer abilities, and any other method I may not have remembered. This specifically includes the Sword of Fate, the Bane Head, and a dozen other items I won't name here.

Killing blow: does not ignore armor saves, on a failed save a killing blow removes half of the enemy's starting wounds, rounding up. Basically, it works better as your opponent gets more worn down, because a three wound model will be killed at two wounds instead of zero with a killing blow. A four wound model will be killed at two wounds instead of zero with a killing blow. And so on.

Right, heres the template for making your character:

Name + Total Cost
Fluff (20-30 words should do.)
Magic Items

I do not have all the army books so some of you make need to send me the stats and rules for the character through email which can be found on my profile. (I think that is allowed)

I only have the following army books so if you plan on making a character that is not once of these races, please email me the stats and special rules:

Wood elves
High elves
Dark elves
Ogre Kingdoms
Vampire Counts
Hordes of Chaos
Tomb Kings
Orcs and Goblins

Thanks and lets get this show going!


1. $IamJasonK
2. $BlackKatalyst
3. TJK
4. gingerninja
5. Lurch
6. darkreever
7. Pierced53
8. Impending slaughter
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So are you just going to sit at your computer and role the dice to see what happens?
Yes thats basically it, except of course I will be posting what happened in a fluffy way and tell you what the dice rolls were like.
Sweet, how many characters do you have so far?
Two I think.
My Vampire Count is 241!!!!

*shakes fist*
Ah go on then just send it to me, we'll let you off:) It doesn't matter that much anyway I don't think.

On second thoughts everyone, don't post your character-PM it to me so no-one can build their character to kill someone elses.
Xuy said:
Ah go on then just send it to me
So does this mean it is ok if any character is 241 pts?
Cause then I want to change my characters equipment.
No, no the only reason I let him off is because his character is a level 1 wizard and since I'm not allowing magic in the arena that part of his character would be rendered useless therefore wasting quite a lot of points so it doesn't matter so much for him.
Got four people now, come on people where are you all? Lurch? Obsidian?
A lot of WE weapons and Armor have modifiers or only work when within 6" of wood or similiar terrain feature. If we are a WE character will we be within 6" of wood?
No there will not be a wood in the area. I'm sorry but that would give an unfair advantage to WEs.
There has to be more support than this...come on guys where are ya all?
Apologies for the delay dude, been working like a dog. I will look at my orc and goblin book when I get home and submt my character this evening.
Been held up by life, like Lurch, except mines oin the form of school at the moment. I'll get something up before I go up GW to work. (Though in the meantime its a four way split between a high elf swordmaster, bretonnian, saurus scar veteran, or master engineer with repeater pistol...8))

[Your allowing ogre kindom heroes to participate!? GM and GF combo will spell doom for anyone they go up against]
Thanks for the character Lurch! :D And I'd be happy to accept your character darkreever once you send me it. :)

Just need 3 more characters now...
Only need two now. Thanks darkreever!
Right just need one more person. Thought there'd be more interest in this...
Right all done! Everything will be moved to the Warhammer FB Battle Reports Forum now as that is a more appropriate place for it.
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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