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Models are all glued and perfectly align in formation. Half of the Army is painted. Goblins(not night goblins) and some Black Orcs are painted with a special painting technique, shown in, which makes the blood on swords and/or armor have a 3dimensional flesh look. Very nice for those who like bloody battles ;) .
You get a $400 + dollar army for only $300, without the hassle of glueing them and only needing to paint half of them. The other half half been primed with black spray paint. Courtesy of games-workshop.
(Perfect for 3,000 point battles)
Orc Army includes:

33 Orc Boyz
16 Orc Arrer Boyz
17 Black Orcs
10 Goblins
18 Night Goblins
3 Goblin Fanatics
1 Orc Boar Chariot
1 Goblin Rock Lobber
3 River Trolls
1 Night Goblin Squid Herd (Pipes)
1 Orc War Boss
1 Wurzzag da Great Green Prophet on Boar
(2 Army Books) the newest edition of Orc and Goblin Army Book as well as the one before.
1 Warhammer Fantasy Rulebook

Sorry for the bad images currently don't have a camera other than my cheap phone camera.


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