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We will be hosting a 2500 point Warhammer Fantasy Battles event at The End Games in Charlottesville Va, 22901 on Saturday March 29th

This will be a 3 round event at 2500 points. Games will be 2 hours in length with a 10 minute set-up period. Lunch break will occur after Round 1 for 30 minutes.

10:00-10:45AM: Registration
11:00 AM-1:10PM: Round One,
1:10PM-2:00PM: Lunch Break
2:00-4:10:Round Two
4:10-4:30: Break
4:30-6:40: Round Three
6:40-7:00: Closing, Prizes, Etc.

Doors open at 10am, tournament kicks off at 11am. You must be registered in the store by 10:45 or your place is forfeit!

Entry is $10 Pre-Reg/$15 at the door, day of. To Pre-reg, please call 434-973-2205

General Rules:
• Armies must be from the most recent Warhammer Armies List, White Dwarf Magazine or Forgeworld Army and must have been published no less than 3 weeks prior to the day of the tournament.
• When using White Dwarf or Forgeworld Units you MUST have the source material on hand and any related FAQ's.
• Army should be WYSIWYG.
• Models should be fully built.
• You are responsible for being familiar and having a copy of all current Errata and FAQs.
• The first pairings will be completely randomized and subsequent pairings will be based off of accumulated tactical points.
• Special Characters are allowed.
• Terrain will be preset and any non-mysterious terrain will be labeled as such. The only mysterious terrain used will be forests.
• All contests that cannot be settled will be taken to the TO for a final decision.

What you need to bring:

1x 2500 Point Army
Army Book(s) and current copies of the Army Book's FAQ
Copies of your Army Roster
- Bring at least 2 Copies but ideally 5 (1-TO, 1-You, 3-Opponents)

Each round will be scored using the following chart:
Victory Point Differential Battle Points for Winner Battle Points for Loser
1 – 500 11-9
501 – 1500 14-6
1501 – 2200 17-3
2201+ 20-0

A single Battle (Bonus) Point is scored for each of the following:
• Breaking the enemy’s Fortitude
• Ending the game with a non-flying unit within the Enemy’s Deployment Zone
• Destroying your opponent’s most expensive unit (counting characters)
If your Fortitude is broken, you lose a Battle Point
Units fleeing at the end of the game count as destroyed for mission purposes.
Units and characters below half of their starting value (wounds for characters / models for units) count for half points (rounding up) for mission purposes.

Sportsmanship: All players receive full sportsmanship scores of 10 each match and are assumed to have good sportsmanship scores. A player may file a sportsmanship claim against their opponent, in which the TO will investigate this claim. If he deems the complaint as truly unsportsmanlike, the following consequences will be enforced:

1st Complaint: Verbal warning
2nd Complaint: -5 pts of sportsmanship for the round.
3rd Complaint: -10 pts of sportsmanship for the round and -5 pts of sportsmanship for each other round.

Unprimed models: 0 pts
Primed Models: 5 pts
Three color minimum: 10 pts
Based and detailed: 15 pts

Terrain is preset. All forests are considered to be Mysterious Forests and follow all rules outlined in the main rulebook (pg.119). All hills are normal hills.

Round #1: Cut off the head…
Deployment Type: Battleline
…The Body Will Fall: Assassinate: Your objective in this game is to kill all of your opponent’s characters. If you kill one of your own characters for whatever reason, that counts for your opponent. Whenever the General (or current acting General) is killed, the position of General is passed on to the character with the next highest Leadership in the army that is able to be the General. If no eligible characters are left, then the army has become Leaderless (see below).
Leaderless: As soon as one army has no characters left on the table, or has no eligible General, every unit must make a leadership test. If they fail, they must fall back
Bonus Battle Points
+1 point: For each enemy character that you killed (or your opponent killed for you), up to a
maximum of +5 points.

Round #2: I'm king of the world!
Deployment: As per the Dawn Attack Scenario (page 145).
Both players will set up and deploy their armies as outlined in the Dawn Attack scenario in the main rulebook (pg.145) (See Special) and follow the Dawn Attack scenario’s special rules.
Special: You may deploy up to the center line (24”)
This is my hill:
At the end of the game, the unit that is on top of the hill counts as controlling the hill. If multiple units control the hill, the unit that is worth more points counts as controlling the hill. If no units control the hill, the closest unit to the hill counts as controlling it. The unit that controls the hill gets +5 points

Round #3: Magic: The Shattering
Deployment: Meeting Engagemnt
Crank this $#!7 to Eleven!: During the magic phase, wizards will now cast Irresistibly and Miscast on the roll of double 6s as well as double X. X is determined by the current turn of the game.
(Example: During turn 3 a player rolls 4,3,5,3 to cast a spell. Since it is turn 3 and double 3s came up, that spell will go off with Irresistible Force and cause a Miscast)

Bonus Battle Points
+1 point: For every enemy wizard that is killed (this bonus applies to any model that can generate Power or Dispel dice), up to a maximum of +3 points
+1 point: for every time you roll a double X while casting a spell, up to a maximum of +2 points
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