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This model is nearly fully painted, you might notice the arms and feet are still not yet complete.
She stands 12" if legs are straight. Here are some experimental rules for using her.
Please note these rules require some fine tuning and please dont confuse the VX 88 with the broadside XV88

Tau Titan.jpg DSC04745.jpg

VX 88 Titanica Class Battle Suit Points: 1285

WS BS S Front Side Rear I A
3 4 10 14 12 11 3 3

Unit: 1 Titanica Battlesuit

Structure Points: 3

Void Shields: 3

Special Rules
AI assisting
Drone Controller
Teleport Hub
Jet burners

Weapons and Equipment
Carapace Weapons
Titanica Battlesuit is armed with the following
-Two AI controlled twin linked Burst Cannons

Arm Weapons
Titanica Battlesuit is armed with the following
- Twin Linked Heavy Rail Guns
- High Powered Ion Weapon
- Shield Generator
- Missile Cluster

This battlesuit has two primary weapon ports on each arm but it can only fire one or the other not both, ie it can either fire its smart missile cluster or missile pod cluster but not both on one arm, each arm can only fire one primary weapon per turn but both arms may fire. Also this battlesuit still counts have having six weapons.

May purchase any of the following
One Seeker Missile………………………15pts
May Purchase up to six drones.
Gun Drone………………………………
Shield Drone……….…………………….25pts
Marker Drone………………………...….20pts

AI Assisting: This unit may reroll for any difficult or dangerous terrain and counts as having a black sun filter.

Teleport Hub: Any friendly unit attempting to deep strike within 18” of this unit may re-roll any deep strike scatter

Agile: In the Shooting Phase the Titanica Battlesuit may diverter some of its power to its legs and jet packs and so it can either
- Fire all weapons as Normal
- fire one primary weapon and move an additional 2D6”
- fire no primary weapons at all and move an extra 3D6”

Jet Burners: The battlesuit may move an 18” and may move over objects and terrain.

Drone Controller: This battlesuit may control upto six drones, the drones start play attached to the battlesuit and may be disconnected at any time. Any marker drone counts as having a networked markerlight also if this battlesuit receives a hit while drones are disconnected the drone may attempt to take the hit and as such the drone must pass a leadership test (drone leadership is 9), if it passes then the drone takes the hit instead.

Shield Generator: As long as one void shield is active this battlesuit receives a 4+ invulnerable save, if the void shields are inactive then it has a 6+ invulnerable save.

AI Controlled Burst Cannons: The battlesuit has two AI controlled burst cannons, they can each fire at their own target both in front and behind the battlesuit. Each one can choose its own target and fire while the battlesuit chooses a target. If the battlesuit takes a crew stunned or a immobilised hit then roll a D6 for each burst cannon and on a roll of 3+ the burst cannons can still fire as normal.

Ion Beam: Instead of firing the ion blaster the battlesuit may fire an highly charged beam of antimatter ions. Draw a straight line anywhere within 6” of the battlesuit and ending anywhere upto 36” away. Any unit friend or foe touching the line immediately takes a hit, any roll of a 6 to wound causes an explosion and as such place a small blast marker on the number of effected models in the unit, don’t overlap blast markers if possible.

Weapons Range STR AP Special
Heavy Rail Gun 110” D 1 Ordnance 1
Ion Beam Special 7 3 Assault 1
Ion Blaster 72” 8 4 Heavy 4
Missile Pod Cluster 42” 8 3 Assault 4
Smart Missile Cluster 38” 6 5 Heavy 8
AI Burst Cannon 24” 5 5 Assault 4

DSC04751.jpg DSC04752.jpg DSC04753.jpg DSC04754.jpg DSC04756.jpg DSC04757.jpg DSC04758.jpg DSC04759.jpg DSC04760.jpg DSC04761.jpg DSC04762.jpg DSC04763.jpg DSC04764.jpg DSC04765.jpg DSC04766.jpg DSC04767.jpg DSC04768.jpg DSC04769.jpg DSC04772.jpg DSC04773.jpg Tau Titan.jpg

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Whilst clearly the model is not finished yet, I really like the rules. They seem very fair, which is rare for home brew rules. The whole only firing one weapon, agile, the shield generator going up to 6+.... Very good.

Really, the only things I can say are 1) get it done and 2) play test it and tell us how it goes!

Ps. I think the ion beam is similar to how the hammerhead in the next tau book will work. Also, you don't mention if the railgun has a submunition; does it?

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The biggest problem I have with the model (and it may well be because it is not finished) is the actual torso, specifically the hip area. it simply looks to thin and organic, this is supposed to be a titan I/E a machine but as it stands it looks like a really big organic alien with mechanical augmentations.

I am not meaning to say this to criticise or demean the build because I think it has real potential; however you really need to do a lot of work on the torso/hips to make them look like a Tau battlesuit made huge. Another point (and this is purely my aesthetic opinion) is that Railgun arm looks out of proportion, it is simply to big and does not fit the aesthetics of the rest of the suit. What I would have done is move the Ion over to the left arm and integrated the missile pods into the bicep area(upper arm) and joined the railguns together so they form a much sleeker unit that flows from the bicep. As the railgun unit stands it just looks to Heath-Robinson for my tastes.

I hate the XV88 design for the same reason, that bulky out of proportion plonked on look the shoulder mounted RG's give the XV88. I shortened my XV88 railguns and arm mounted them and it looks much better, same goes for one of my hammerheads. I hate the way the Railgun is just plonked on the turret, so I turned it through 90 degrees and integrated it into the actual turret, it looks more tank like and much sleeker (I can put up pictures to illustrate) and more importantly much more cohesive with the other Tau tech (XV suits etc).

So to re-cap, if this was my build I would do a lot more work on the torso/hip area and make it look less organic and more XV suit like and I would re-work the railgun arm to make it a lot sleeker. I would build the Ion into the other arm and move the missile pods so they look like they are built into the front of the bicep area of the arms (or even built in the chest area) because (and sorry I know this sounds overly critical) the missile launcher arm looks like what it is, three missile pods glued together and having the arms as gun-arms would look in no particular order:
More functional because you need to be able to point guns quickly, so being arm mounted makes sense
More balanced as you would have both arms of relatively equal size.
Much more cohesive as a design because the titan is quite sleek and the railgun unit isn't.

Please do not take this post as a negative because far from being negative I am impressed by the build so far and it is obvious it is work in progress. I have offered the points above as ideas not criticisms because I think the build has real potential and I always love to see ambition.
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