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Yes, i know that this is a double post but i come with a blessing of a mod :p

Another great example of the fun with IRC

[22:14] •• ChanServ has quit IRC (*.net *.split)
[22:16] [@]BorninDarkness> woooooow. No bots
[22:16] <Pulan> o_O
[22:16] •• mode: Pulan sets mode: -o BorninDarkness
[22:16] <Pulan> :Þ
[22:16] •• mode: Pulan sets mode: +o BorninDarkness
[22:16] [@]BorninDarkness> ...
[22:16] [@]BorninDarkness> grr
[22:16] <Pulan> o_O
[22:16] <Pulan> eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk
[22:17] •• mode: BorninDarkness sets mode: +b *!*@2XX.2XX.XX.XX
[22:17] [@]BorninDarkness> :Þ

As we never stop, here is some more fun

[22:31] * @BorninDarkness looks around for some poo to throw at pulan
[22:32] * @Pulan ducks and cover
[22:32] [@]BorninDarkness> I didn't throw yet
[22:33] <Pulan> its a saftey thing
[22:33] [@]BorninDarkness> I see
[22:33] * @BorninDarkness smites all available and loads his Mod-Charged Kai Gun with poo
[22:33] [@]BorninDarkness> >:]
[22:34] <Pulan> o_O
[22:34] [@]BorninDarkness> all available cover o_O
[22:34] <Pulan> eeeek
[22:34] * @BorninDarkness opens, erm, poo
[22:34] * @Pulan hides in a sunny area
[22:34] <Pulan> muhahahaha
[22:34] [@]BorninDarkness> ARGH!
[22:35] * @BorninDarkness detonates some nukes in far away areas that block out the light of the sun
[22:35] <Pulan> damn
[22:35] * @Pulan hides on Mercurius
[22:35] * @BorninDarkness hurls some poo at pulan
[22:36] * @BorninDarkness summons forth a piece of crap large enough to completely cover mercurius
[22:36] * @Pulan dodges and counter attacks with a Hello kitten
[22:36] * @BorninDarkness runs away to the shadows
[22:37] * @Pulan throws some Hello kittens at random places in the shadows
[22:38] * @Pulan watches while the kittens attack BiD from several directions
[22:38] <Pulan> Truce?
[22:39] * @BorninDarkness hurls some poo at vindy's face
[22:40] [@]BorninDarkness> sure >:]
[22:40] * @Pulan ducks

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* Nick : Brother_Bob : [ ChanMode ]
! +ChanMode : Brother_Bob sets mode [ +b ] winston_churchill
[+ChanMode] I wonder how many people I can fool
[ winston_churchill ] *****
[ winston_churchill ] why am i banned?
[ winston_churchill ] because i support england?
[ +ChanMode ] yes
[ +ChanMode ] ROFLMAO


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[14:42]<Pulan> poper, potipoptipoptipoptipopti pooo
[14:42]<Pulan> o_O
[14:42] <Pulan> O.O*
[14:43] * nemesis_child hugs pulan
[14:43] <Pulan> o_O
[14:43] * BorninDarkness shoots pulan for spamming

10] <nemesis_child> i am eatting and waiting until my Sophos Anti-Virus is done
[18:10] <nemesis_child> i got a pop up when i got on my comp. that there was a virus
[18:11] <nemesis_child> so gooood.......
[18:14] <Slai> hm
[18:14] <Slai> i hate Sophos...
[18:14] <Slai> tried the trial version
[18:15] <nemesis_child> oh well..i got it w/ my comp. so meh
[18:15] <Slai> it seemed not to work at all and took too damn long scanning
[18:15] <Slai> =/
[18:15] <nemesis_child> 60% complete
[18:16] <nemesis_child> so full yet I am still want to eat more
[18:16] <Slai> hm
[18:17] <Slai> you never did reply to my HE post =P
[18:17] <nemesis_child> i will soon
[18:17] <Slai> =)
[18:17] <Slai> its ok =)
[18:17] <nemesis_child> my comp. is running slow with the anti-virus
[18:17] <Slai> ah
[18:17] <nemesis_child> so i need to wait
[18:18] <nemesis_child> 80%
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Salamander just click on the chat icon at top the page. Then once in type:

/nick <nick you want to be>

Just type the name you want to be known as in the <> and press enter. And you should be in, but there is a post that's pinned in the general discussion on chat take a look.

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Do I have a reputation or something..?

* BorninDarkness gets certain ideas
* Zeph backs away from Bornin
<Zeph> Ideas from that head can be nothing but evil
* BorninDarkness chuckles
<BorninDarkness> I'll take that as a compliment ^_^
* k3 hides
<Zeph> jeez, bornin, you got everyone scared by just thinking something...

Only a few minutes later...

* BorninDarkness gets irritated again
* Zeph runs this time
<Zeph> Bornins evil Idea are one thing, but his emotions of annoyince and irratation are something much, much, much worse
<Zeph> *Idea's
<BorninDarkness> >:]

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k3 trying to prove he knows jack about 'maths' by outsmarting us with riddles...

<k3> i am the best in my school at maths
<k3> i know
<k3> who here is good at riddles?

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[12:54] * nemesis_child kisses pulan
[12:54] * nemesis_child flys away
[12:54] <BorninDarkness> ...
[12:54] <Pulan> but you'll survive it
[12:54] <nemesis_child> >:D
[12:54] <Pulan> O_O
[12:54] <nemesis_child> lol
[12:54] <TimboSquad> o_O
[12:55] <Pulan> i wont survive that....
[12:55] <nemesis_child> uh HI!
[12:55] <higgo> why did u ban me
[12:55] * nemesis_child runs to his monstrey
[12:55] * nemesis_child hides from pulan

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After a bit of talk about our dear MWL, this happened, thought it was typical for our attention span.

* TimboSquad is listening to... The Pogues - Token Celtic Drinking Song
<TimboSquad> but this tune!
<TimboSquad> yay!
<GeniYnTwylloch> err
<GeniYnTwylloch> ***** was the first one??
<TimboSquad> another pogues tune
<TimboSquad> that gf sent me ^_^
* GeniYnTwylloch hmms in thought
<The_Inquisitor> God just how easily do you guys get distracted.
<The_Inquisitor> MWL, remember.
<The_Inquisitor> laughing stock of the universe.
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