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Warjammer 40k weaponry blades

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Warhammer 40k weaponry (blades)

Hi all,

I am a fantasy Sword and Knifemaker and i have recently been getting into interpreting 40k blades. I would love to hear your ideas of what you would like to see made into reality, granted not all of them are possible, but i think it would be fun to imagine.


John Gage
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Well, theres not that much of a difference I think, just that it seems the 40K blades are more simplistic, but if you wanted a real challenge, make a nice fancy Witch Blade (Eldar) so not all are simplistic! :D

Witch blades sound really cool and awseome and all that but I wonder how much
metallurgy you'd have to put into them. I'm interested in seeing some lightning
claws or even thunder hammers! Or or...I've got loads of ideas

<creativity spike, logged: entry>

*Ork choppas and whirly blade axes
*Power stakes used to purge demonic infestations
*Power swords, like ones used by mephisto, or any inquisitor swords.
*Space wolf power axes

<end creativity spike, closed journal>
oh yes! This is COOL!!!
I agree with the Eldar blades would be cool... Also Thunderhammers!
Maybe a Tau blade, and a bonding knife?!?

Why don't you do warhammer fantasy?
A Thunderhammer would be amazing, although it's not exactly a sword (Duh.), so I don't know if it's your thing.

For blades. I would totally go for a Bonding Knife.
Yes. Definately Drach'nyen. I also agree with a Tau Bonding knife.
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