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I have a thing that says Warn: (0%) and five pale orange bars next to it underneath my reputation and above the give rep star on my min-profile thing that's at the side of your posts in a thread.

What is it, and what does it do?

I hope you know what I'm talking about.


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The Warning Bar you mention is a new feature that Blackhat is currently working to implement. The system isn’t entirely set up yet, which is why no public announcement has yet been made; however, Blackhat will be posting a notice in the General Announcements section when the warning system is taken into use.

Basically, it’s a tool for the moderators to use. Whenever someone breaks the forum rules they’re given a warning by a moderator, which will show up as coloured fields on their Warning Bar. As I understand it, only moderators can see other members' Warning Bars, while ordinary members can only see their own. It allows us moderators to keep track of members who repeatedly violate the forum rules, and coordinate our efforts a lot easier than now. I am sure Blackhat will soon make a post to explain how it all works in greater details, but that's basically what it is. :)

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