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Warp Amp Use?

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So the Warp Amp can provide a nice -2, to -3 on Leadership rolls, but require fielding some Noise Marines. What are some really good ways to take advantage of the reduced leadership abilities. For only 70 points, you can field a Rhino with a Warp Amp and cruise it around the map. So, what are some great ways to prey upon Leadership?
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You could always use it for a tankrush or in combination with pinningtests. It could also be quite useful, I reckon, for making people fail their target-priority tests.
tank shock comes to mind.
Combine it with the Rune for even greater effect and use the tank to break units that are below half strength.
Best possible use for a warp amp is on a dreadnaught. Any combats they win will make the enemy take the break off test at -3ld...on top of any other modifiers.
I agree with all of the above, especially Sabe's comment. That would be nasty. Marines with Ld5....
Warp Amp + Blastmaster = Pinning
Warp Amp + Indirect Defiler = Even nastier pinning
Warp Amp + Blasphemous Rune = Mean tank shock
Warp Amp + Greater Daemon = Frightened Enemies
Warp Amp + Dreadnought = Frightened Enemies
Warp Amp + Lone Rhino = Great for sweeping away those niggly, low leadership units.
Warp Amp + Squad with Daemonic Visage = Frightened Enemies
Warp Amp + Enemy Psyker = Limits his effectiveness somewhat
Warp Amp + Slannesh Minor Psychic Power = Several depend on or affect enemy Leadership
Warp Amp + Allure of Slannesh = It might actually do something.
Warp Amp + Lash of Torment = Overpriced, but fun

A combination of any of the above is probably the best..
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Since I'm pretty new, let me ask this. Would it be possible to set up either Warp Amp on Rhinos or Predators then charge them straight into non-fearless enemies to do a Tank Shock, then park them sideways in a row to block the direct path to my force (Assuming they will get wrecked within the first turn)

Then would I recieve cover since it's a big broken wreck in the middle of the map? As impassable terrain, might I be able to force the enemy to travel certain routes or cut off some paths and force them to file through and get gunned down? Would it be very effective to include several defilers to indirect fire nastiness over the wrecked Rhinos/Predators? Or just get pinn bonuses if they don't get wrecked?
Wrecked vehicles count as difficult terrain...not impassable. They do block LOS though.
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