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“We found them at the edge of the valley where the sky was ablaze with a strange light. They were half-blind, tears of blood flowing from their eyes, noses, and ears. They kept ranting about flaming skies, mountains of skulls, and other nonsense. Most of them died before we could get medics to the scene.”—Excerpt of report by Sgt. Matius Grentanus, 3rd Platoon, 2nd Battaltion, 728th Cadian Regiment, responding to a distress call by an expedition that investigated strange phenomenon to the southeast of the Barad Mine.

Strange weather patterns, psykers going insane, troops reporting bad dreams … sounds like Warp activity to me.

The Imperial forces in the Sculptor System, fighting an ork invasion, find signs of Warp taint on the moon of Hegira. And that spells trouble.

Take a look at our fanciful 40K story(and a simple but, I think, cool bit of Photoshop fun) at:

The Corvus Cluster

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