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A new issue of Warp Rift has gone online. The content is as follows:

Issue Sixteen:

* Dark Eldar Addendum (Encyclopedeia Gothica)
* Tyranid Experimental Rules (Encyclopedia Gothica)
* In the Depth of Space (Tactical Command)
* Tyranid Conversions (Dry Dock)
* Twin Linked Haven Spire Scenario (Void Stalker)

Warp Rift 16 can be downloaded from the following location: - Warp Rift, Battlefleet Gothic Magazine

From that same location you can download a separate Fiction supplement. The link is directly below the link to the PDF for Warp Rift.

Here are Cybershadow’s words to this new issue of Warp Rift:

‘Welcome to another update, and another issue of Warp Rift. This is issue sixteen for the online Battlefleet Gothic magazine, and it continues to go from strength to strength. There are a few changes this time around. The first of these is the fact that this is a big issue. It weighs in at more than three times the usual download size, but this is a small price to pay for the fantastic content and pictures included. Also this issue, we see a special suppliment. While Warp Rift has excellent short fiction pieces regarding the game, Horizon has made an editors decision to take a slightly longer fiction piece. However, because this would increase the download size further, he has decided to include it as a seperate suppliment. We would both be very interested in any comment on this additional inclusion with your regular viewing, and the selected format of a seperate suppliment. You can get in contact with both of us in the GothiComms section of the forums linked on this site (’

happy gaming,


[FONT=&quot]Warp Rift editor[/FONT]
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