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Warriors of Chaos army Calculator/Builder?

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Hey guys,
Just wondering if anyone has found a Warriors of Chaos army calculator?
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Hello all, long time member that has been away for quite some time. I had sold my 5,000pt Chaos Army a couple years ago but with some co-workers telling me that they play WHFB I decided to bite the bullet and start again.

I now run a MacBook Pro instead of Windows and do not wish to use Windows as a virtual machine or in BootCamp. With this I was faced with something that was putting a damper on my excitement to play again...I can't use Army Builder anymore! So I have worked up this Excel spreadsheet to calculate the size of my Warriors of Chaos army. It is printable, however, you may have to fit to paper for it to fit. The Total tab on the far right has a small tutorial explaining how the sheet is laid out.

Please feel free to use it, provide input, improve upon, etc. I am sure there are people here who exceed my knowledge of Excel. I hope this spreadsheet helps.


1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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