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So, I've seen this discussion in the WoC folder, never got a response, but figured this would be better to ask this here anyways as this is where conversions mostly take place.

Okay, so there are a couple things I have to do to my army, first of all. Apparently almost all my melee units should use Halberds, but there is nothing even close that comes with any kits of this army unless you buy the specific bits for $13 for 10.... No thanks. So, I have a unit of metal Chosen, so they have Great Weapons, well, the only difference between the two apparently is a spike on the top. So I am planning on throwing a Hormagaunt scything talon on the top then shave the attached arm off the Warriors shields and glue those to the lower arm of the Chosen, I'll post pre and post painting pictures.

My other project is creating a unit of Dragon Ogres, I refuse to use the current ones, they are ugly and I would rather shoot myself in the gut than field models that look like turds. So, what I have been thinking for this is to use the top half of some Ogre Ironguts. But the bottoms I can't decide on, I like how Centigors look, even though they don't have the scaly skin look and are a little slim. I do have four of the newest Tyranid Tyrant Guard sitting around, These would be fairly easy to use, just elongate the tail, shouldnt have to modify it to much. If I use the Tyrant guard I probably won't even cut anything off, just put the Ogre torso over the 'Nids head, greenstuffing all gaps and make it look streamline.

Any thoughts? Also I am willing to consider Non GW models, As long as I can make it look good and use them in GW sanctioned tourneys.
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