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Warriors of Chaos pictures (from WD347 Nov 08 White Dwarf)

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Great sprue pictures for the Chaos Knights and some pictures of the new Spawn and Champions / Sorcerers post on my blog (see signature)

I'll be posting a White Dwarf Nov 08 review soon (around GMT 09:00 28th Oct)
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Ohh! Those heads and weapons are so lovely:) I cant wait to stick `em to my CSM`s
There are several pieces from that Chaos Knights box that I would love to add into my CSMs (heads, torsos, shoulder pads, swords/axes). This is one set I'll have to get the whole box and not just bits off ebay. There is a lot of good potential here.
Any chance of a picture like that of the new Marauder Horsemen sprue?
I saw some models at my local GW already, they are all very good. The horses especially caught my eye. Very nice.
I finally found and picked up the Chaos Knights and Marauder Horseman sets and all I can say is WOW.
With very little conversion work those Chaos Knights will make great CSMs.
And although I was a little disappointed that the Marauder Horsemen's torsos were molded attached to the legs a little cutting and filing fixed that up. Also the amount of extra bits you get with this set is amazing (my Necromunda Chaos gang just got all the heads it will ever need).
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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