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You want to get hold of some frosted or ripple effect glass to go over the mirror and distort the reflection somewhat. Otherwise your reflection will be flat and perfect and not look like water at all particulartly if you want the effect of a stream as opposed to a mill pond.

Build up the surrounding terrain with cork tiles, polyfiller and then sand, rocks and flock.

I reccomend the woodlans scenics resin water. Unlike the GW stuff the water can be as deep as you like. It looks like tiny beads of clear resin the size of baked beans. You heat it in a pan and pour it into the stream in the terrain. You can add brown, blue or green ink to the mix to tint the water colour but do a test run first with a small amount to get it looking right.

After it cures (about 48 hours depending on temperature) you can gloss varnish the surface to protect it.
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