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we all knew the new dwarfs would be a problem...

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i made some changes in my list like some new thane killing weapons, questing knights, pegasus paladins, no damsels unless i have the fey enchantress, the banner of the lady is now a permanant part of the army, but there is only so much you can change in an army list full of expensive units.

i wondered what other bret players do to counter-act the re-vamped dwarf codex
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It was easy, the dwarf player at my store was too cheap to buy the new book and so he just plays the old rules. :)
Strewth, for the sake of a new army book he can destroy any brettonian army. He is loopy if he doesn't get the new army book. I have played against it (granted not as brettonians) and it is hard work.
I dont know if this is common for dwarf players but my friend always brings a super elite unit with 2-3 characters in it. I didnt realize before the trouble I would have and figured charging it with 12 knights and two fenbeasts on one side and following up with 4 pegasus knights on the other a round later would be enough. What I didnt do right was bring a single character worthy of fighting any of his, and so I eventually lost that combat. My suggestion would be to bring at least 2 characters with you in one unit so your frontage is full of long lasting characters with quality chipping power in the front. Oh, and bundling your characters together also makes banner of defence that much more useful !
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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