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not proper conversions as such (they're stuck on with blue tack)
but they still look pretty cool! :lol:

the battle suit was just a thing i was playing with when i was testing some rules for my own inquisitor scale game and the wraithlord and rhino were just some things i made.

the idea behind the rhino was.......
It's a fast vehicle, with burst cannons, pintle mounted storm bolter/ scatter laser, 2 lance lasers and can carry up to 7 power armoured marines.

LASER LANCE: the laser lances count as a 1 shot weapon with the same profile as a lascannon.

PINTLE MOUNTED STORM BOLTER / SCATTERLASER: pretty much a pintle mounted storm bolter which can also fire a scatter laser. (so it can always fire both)

SYTHE CUTTERS: these count as dozer blades and if the tank uses tank shock on and an enemy unit flees, if they dont flee far enough to escape the rhino, they are crushed and hacked apart by its sythes (they'd usally just be placed to the side)

pretty much that means this baby could quickly rush a squad to where it's gotta be, then pummel the enemy from afar. (if it remains stationary and fires both it's laser lance's in the same turn imagine the carnage possible! :lol: :lol: :lol: )

Of course no one would ever let me use this monster though, i was thinking of having it take up a heavy support and a fast attack choice, but i dont know the points cost :(

effectivly its only weakness, is lack of armour........but you can still buy it smoke launchers and extra armour if you want
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