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I played against skaven yesterday at 1000 points
I don't know if its considered cheesy or whatever but here it is.

2 warlock engineers both taking warp lightning and one has a condensor (basically an extra channel attempt at 5+.

Cheiften with a weapon that multiplies wounds into two and if the owner rolls two ones he hurts himself.

50 slaves
20 clanrats, banner and muscian
Poison wind mortar

2 Rat ogres with packmaster and master moulder(he has an armour ignoring weapon)
5 jezzails

Warp lighting cannon

And I had Bruiser with Wrdstone neclace, Gut maw, Heavy armour and cathayan longsword

6 Bulls with std and bellower
5 Ironguts with std and bellower(+1 ld magic banner)
20 Gnoblars

Now I think this match was pretty even(especially when he had about 4 misfires in his first turn, his engineer rolled a one on warp lighting injuring himself then the doomwheel misfired and flew into said engineer therefore killing him, all before my first turn! Awesome!)

the trouble started however in his second turn as in my turn I'd set up my irongut with Bruiser to accept a charge from his frenzied Rogres because hey, I think I can take them and then move on to the jezzails in my turn. So he fails his frenzy and then rolls a double six for charge range. Good. Unfortuneatly his doomwheel then aims at my ironguts but I though nothing of it. Theres no way he can reach, can it?

Wrong. it rolls a triple SIX! right after he had just rolled a double six for his rogres.

So he smashes into the IGs, impacts killing 1 IG already. In his shooting he says the doomwheel has to unleash 3 shots even in close combat so he rolls the artillery dice for their strength. Strength 10. Crap. well thats one IG dead then I thought.

Wrong. apparantley they multiply to D6 wounds. well shi-
First shot. wounds, 6 wounds, one IG dead.
Second shot. wounds, 5 wounds, another dead IG
Third shot. wounds, 3 wounds, a further dead IG

then my bruiser and his skaven strike simutaneously. His Rogres kill the final IG
My brusier promply fails his break test and is run down by the Doomwheel.

So thanks to the Doomwheel, not only did my IG get killed before doing ANYTHING!! I lost my general and half my army to a cobined worth of 150+181 I beleive or maybe it was less I cant recall his points. ( my unit was 192 + 285 I believe.)

I mean geez!

Although in the last turn I did procced to win as my Bulls now at 2 strong made said Rogres flee and mulched the Doomwheel who was at 1 wound when they charged it.
And my Gorger had killed the warplightning cannon then had been charged by clanrats with cheiften. The cheiften kills himself rather than face my gorger and my gorger runs the clanrats down.

So all in all, a fun game except for turn 2.

If you've read this notrep (thanks blue table painting for the term) this far then thanks for listening or erm, reading.
Ps i wish skaven would explode more often


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I'd just like to chime in, and say, your opponent's list was both very "cheesy" and crap.

They used a lot of pricy, and useless, choices for a 1k game.

Now, you can throw that "cheese" right back at them, using a thundertusk at 1k ...

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