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WFB Nurgle Exalted Champion

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Alright, here are som pics of my Nurgle Exalted Champion with Great Weapon. The pieces are: CW head, arms, body; OK banner skull; hand, head on scythe and scythe from Zombie sprue, copius amounts of GS. The base is body from the zombie sprue, dirt and pva. This is my first major use of GS. C&C Welcome.

Base 1
Base 2
Front Shot
Angle Shot
Back Shot
Base & Champion

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pictures are a bit dark, good background choice, could use better lighting, thats what
i need to see in order to view the detials, is better lighting. try grabbing a desk lamp.
Lokks good. Like to see more zoomed in pics on the details :yes:
Urgh....he looks horrible.

Great job. :D

Love the tenticle-arm idea.
Thanks for the comments guys, I have also put up pictures of him painted in the painting forum.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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