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theres been abit of talk about IG veterans lately (a good deal of which has been from me).. so to do my part (however small for a n00b as myself) i took some photos of my 'ard'll have to ignore the paintjobs.. im pretty lousy at painting, and most of them still need work, some even to be stripped down and re-done..:ninja:

First off is 'Tregan', the squad leader, i used a fur cloak from mordheim 'middenheim' (i believe) sprue, aswell as 'rolled up sleeves' lower arms off a mordheim sprue to give him a 'ard look, and i also hacked away at his armour with my engraver to make them look wartorn, and also gauged out one of his eyes..

Next is 'McGarnugle', i made his head using a mordheim head which i trimmed down to fit a helmet too.. the helmet doesnt fit properly but i reckon it looks better that way.. like hes got a big head and they make the helmets a couple sizes too small ;) the left arm (one without a weapon innit) is also from the mordheim guys i had.. i tried to paint it that pattern ya see on 'kilts' and what not, but i did a lousy job.. i REALLY gotta get another paint brush size aside from the ones they give ya in the paint sets..

Now we have my second favorite dude.. to most he will look like a guy with a blob of green stuff for a head, but to all the comic book fans out there theyll recognise him (hopefully :sleep: ) as 'Deadpool'! originally i was just trying to model on a balaclava.. but when that failed i decided to make it into deaders' mask.. im happy with it.. for now.. im considering re doing it.. aswell as his paintjob.. MY CAT SAT ON HIM WHEN HE WAS WET AND GOT HAIR ON HIM.. if u look closely u can see it.. :cry:

Now for my favourite guy.. i dunno why i just like him lots, hes the only guy to have a first name. Butch "Boom Boom" Bagley. I got inspired to do him by a similar character (i believe) i saw on this forum.. he likes grenades. alot. His head is actually Elrond's from the LOTR range.. except i green stuffed his mouth and changed it so he was less angry and more exhausted from grenade hurling.. his armour needs some more work done, as do his grenades.. and now that i look at the photo his mouth needs some more work too..

These three dont have names. I dunno why i didnt bother naming them, just never did, their pretty boring looking to me.. all they have is mordheim heads, and on one i re-positioned his arms to give him a bit of 'flare'

This guy isnt actually a veteran.. hes my armies leader (i dunno his rank.. need to work that out still). i dubbed him "Kalachnovic".. He came together as an accident. I stole the legs off an old dark elf model after i lost his proper ones.. then for his head i tried to shave him (yes.. shave him so he was beardless) and accidently loped off his jaw (and messed up his moustache) but after a bit of green stuffing, and that lovely collar i added to his armour he doesnt look so accidental (at least not to me). All the other parts on him that arent cadian are from mordheim. I also extended his cloak with green stuff so it 'sways' to the side, and gave him a pony tail! (tho i dont have a shot of his back at the moment, ill get one later..)

so.. yer.. theres some of my veterans.. ill put some more up later.. i also have some Escher gangers on their way (i bought em off ebay) which ill post up once done.. gotta work out how im gonna change their weapons.. knives and pistols -_- how useless..
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