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Sup guys, I'm new to LO, I have been ridiculously into Warhammer 40k fluff for years now, however I never really got into collecting whole armies or gaming. I occasionally purchase models or squads that I dig and have played a couple small/skirmish/bullshit games with some friends who never got into W 40K, but other than that I dont have much experience in the actual game.

I have always wanted to start collecting an army and start competing but never got around to it, now that I have some free time on my hands I'm thinkin about getting around to just that.

I have read the rulebook and have purchased a couple codex's through out the years but I still cant decide which army im gonna begin to collect and play. Space marines have always been my favorite aspect of 40k, Space Wolves are probably my favorite chapter but I like a ton of them. I also like the Tyranids, Imperial Guard, and of course, Chaos Space Marines with the World Eaters being my favorite legion. I have no idea what army I would like to play but those are the ones I'm currently thinking of. If yall have any suggestions as to which would be the easiest to play and to start collecting please contribute. Thanks alot. :act-up:

Also, on a different subject, are there any sites yall would recommend for 40k fluff/background. Thanks again.
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