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what are your thoughts about the future eldar

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i think most of the rumors going around will happen like a new Hq that can stand up to a marine Hq, avatar will be beef up

but me personaly

the farseer should get a power weapon witch blade and i will very happy then he can be some what effective in close combat

shinnig spears should have shuriken cannons not shuriken cat's because it will make up for their absurd points cost and adding cannons wont make them an over powered unit

wraithlord should be killable in cc like you can you nades in cc which would balances him out but keep everything else the same he is the equivalent of a dreadnought so i hope they don’t nerf' him

increase the range the number of shots of the cat to three i was thinking range but its not fluffly but the number of shot is

the farseer should get more psychic powers don’t know what kind but only supportive and maybe one or two more offensive powers i mean E-storm it sucks
... but one power i want to see is that any detaching watlocks can use his leader ship because thier job is the assist the farseer during battle (u know what i mean)

dive avengers should have something done to them so they're not over priced defenders

swooping hawks lasblaster should be strength 4 so they wont be considered as an exarch delivery system

fire prisim i think every know whats going to happen

and thing that i can think of is the should have an increased wager option i mean only 5 things add so relics or anti-chaos weapons since we made them and were the only who knows how destroy them (anti choas weapons go double for ulthwe)

and finally i want more pages of fluff like in the space marine dex we have 2 pages they have 30ish

well there’s my little speech what do you all think
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o my bad
No problem, just repost it there and ask the Eldar moderator to close this thread :).

Once it's up I'll be happy to comment.
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