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Slann power "Higher State of Consciousness" states, "Only magical attacks have any effect upon the Slann". I can't find a definitive rule on what counts as magical. Some things:
1. Spells - this seems pretty obviously magical
2. Magic weapon - this seems obvious, but a little less so. Does possessing any magical weapon mean that that character can damage the slann?
3. Monsters - are there any special generic rules about monsters that states "attacks count as magical"? For example, it seems to me at first blush that the High Elf dragons do not do magical damage with their attacks

Anything else?


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Magic items and monsters state if their attacks count as magical, generally magic weapons do not do magic damage (which I thought was odd as well - may check again in a second and update my post) all spells doing damage count as magical due to their nature.

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The above is slightly incorrect. All magic causes magic damage, and all magical weapons produce magical damage. The book differentiates the two by using the term "mundane" - basic items on the character, and "magical" - special purchased items from the armory. These two are the most simple.

Now when you get to monsters it gets a tad trickier, certain monsters do have magical attacks, like a dragon using a flame breath, but it is specifically noted in the attack profile. Another good example are yetis from the OK book, they have ice weapons that are counted as magical weapons. If magical weapons were so hard to come by in terms of gameplay, it would make the idea of an all spirit host army for VC brilliant, rather than silly.

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In general spells and magic weapons are magical attacks. All other things will be listed in there respective books. For a short list that I can remember here is some things that have magical attacks:

-Daemon models
-Wood elf models with the forest spirit rule
-Warriors of Chaos knights with enscorcelled weapons
-A bunch of skaven artilery (old book anyway, may not be true anymore)
-Stegadon engine of the gods burning alignment ability

There are probably lots more,
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