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I have a PE campaign, during which there are quite a few (around 60 or so) planets to fight over potentially.

I ran off some rules of my own since I also have Mighty Empires tiles and buildings. So I assigned different stuff to each item, such as building different army specialisations. To cut a long story short, you begin on any planet with just a standard 40K force, standard rules. However, as the campaign goes on and you have the relevant buildings, you are allowed to build new armies, each of 2k points, unless apoc which is 3k.

Today it occurred that my 2 very standard armies had to do a cities of death mission, so I decided that, since they were not COD specialists, they could not use the strategems, instead they would have to specialise to do so. What do you reckon? Good idea? Too limiting on the loser?

Alternatively I could allow the strategems to be purchased for 1EP each, maybe even ignoring normal strategem rules.

So what do you guys think?

1-Leave it as is, and enforce specialised army rule
2-Purchase them for Empire Points
3-Just allow armies to use them anyhow, even though they are not specialised in that kind of scenario?

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2- It would provide more of an econ. feel to the whole ordeal.

Also, I'de just like to point out how similar this campaign is to Star Wars Battle Front Two: Galactic Conquest Mode. The planets all have different bonuses and such, except, not only can you buy more troops, but you can buy them health (and other) upgrades or say reinforcements to be called upon at a time when your about to lose an important battle or something. It's a cool game lol

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I know, I play it sometimes too. :)

Thanks for that, it's the buildings that affect stuff though, like a Keep allowing troops vet status after a battle, or a Manufacturum allowing Spearhead/Apocalypse armies and/or vet vehicles. Cities allow COD armies and so on. Thanks for the feedback, rep to you.
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