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What is VoteWar exactly?

VoteWar is a tournament style setting for people to test their lists. Each contestant is paired up randomly with an opponent to partake in a "virtual battle." People then vote on which list is most likely to win the battle. In some cases there may be special scenario rules which must be taken into account as well. After a designated amount of time the round ends and the winners move on until there a single winner.

Why even do VoteWar?

VoteWar is intended as a testing ground for lists to see how they might fare against a random opponent. It allows many different people to critique a list and give feedback as to how to improve it, or learn new tactics that were previously unthought of. It is also just plain, good natured fun.

How do I enter into VoteWar?

If you are interested in participating in the Warhammer 40K VoteWar, check to see when the next VoteWar is scheduled to start. The various Info Threads have all the information. The points costs for each VoteWar varies from game to game, so you may want to read the info threads to see what points cost you should create your list. If all else fails, you can always PM me and I'll answer any questions.

Can I participate in VoteWar without actually entering?

Yes! Anyone is free to look over the threads and cast their vote as they see fit. You don't need to have a list in the tournament in order to cast a vote. There are two universal rules for casting a vote, however -

1) The list you vote for must be in bold. This makes it easy for us to tally the votes at the end.

2) You must give a reason as to why you voted how you did. The whole idea is to garner feedback on the lists, so a vote without feedback serves no purpose. Also, stating "I agree with so and so" is not a valid reason. Even if you are simply repeating someone else, sometimes stating something in your own words gives better perspective than just a blanket "I agree" statement.

There may be other rules for voting from VoteWar to VoteWar, so please look through the info threads before voting.

Are there any prizes for VoteWar?

Not at the time being. Maybe in the future if it grows popular enough, but for now it is only for bragging rights.

Who were the previous winners?

Warhammer 40K -
40K VoteWar MkI - Black Katalyst with Death Guard.
40K VoteWar MkII.V - Arklite with Tau.
40K VoteWar MkIII - tiaxrulesall with Necrons.
40K VoteWar MkIV - Robizzle with Orks.
40K VoteWar MkV - TheWamp with Siam-Hann Eldar.
40K VoteWar MkVI - xrix1 with Chaos Space Marines.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle -
Fantasy VoteWar MkI - TheWamp with King Mentuhotep's Guard (Tomb Kings).

Fantasy VoteWar MkII - Stonehamby with Chaos Army O' DOOM (Chaos).
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