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What makes a Kroot Shaper? (conversion question)

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Hello there,

I've been starting up a new army lately (not ready to play with it, still missing a commander and a fire warrior squad, hehe), and I've decided to get the full 20 kroot for my kroot squad. I also decided that I'd like to make myself a named Kroot character for my army, and make him a unique model with a more detailed paint job. As such, I've been imagining a great many fun things, and then I realised, "Hey, why not make him a Shaper while I'm at it and have him be even better in combat then regular units?".

That's when I remembered that there are metal shaper models... and personally, among other things, I'm not too keen on the shaper's head and hood arrangement, and I'd rather not risk bending his legs around for fear of damage, etc. So want to make my shaper out of plastic, preferably, mainly because I plan on attaching plastic bitz to him anyway, such as spines, different gun poses, feathers, etc, and also because I get the impression it would be easier then outright hacking the head off a pewter model and putting a plastic one on (I want a quilled Kroot with an open, menacing jaw, not the more docile-looking shaper head).

In general, the only main differences I can see between regular Kroot and the Shaper is the shaper knife, and the hood. So if I wanted to make a model out of plastic and have him be my shaper, what do I need to do to make it clear that it's the Carnivore Squad's leader? I've got a few ideas for the shaper blade, in any case, and he'll definately stand out - that's the point, heh.

Also, secondarily, anyone have advice on how to make sure I change the kroot's legs around properely without irreparably setting them up so that they don't flow? I plan to have him standing one foot on the ground and one foot on a rock/skull/corpse (this is the one advantage of a metal model - it bends), so if there are any tips or techniques, feel free to fill me in.
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You can always bend the plastic carefully and if it brakes fix it with green stuff... I'll trow up mine tomorrow if I get the time, though I think it's broken so iI'd better fix it. And it isn't painted neither... Though it's a heavily converted model. You'll see tomorrow if you're lucky ;)
You can cut and re-glue, then smooth out the rough edges. I did something like this to a Space Marine and made him Kneeling. It would be easier since you only need to to one leg really. Cut and sand at the hip, then knee and it should work.
What I did was scrouged up all the armor plates I had left over, and along with a heavily cut up SM shoulderpad (ya can't even tell anymore) I practically gave him a suit of armor, it's not a drastic change, so I usually point him out, just in case.

But I like it.

Yeah, I was thinking doing that - cutting and glue to put it back together, evening it out afterwards.

And about the actual shaper - could a plastic model be considered a shaper? Does he only have to stand out, or does he need the knife or hood or clothes or all?
As long as you make him look different from the other, like I did with all the armor, I'll get some pics up later for you.

Still better to point him out just in case.

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