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What makes skaven so scary?

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I have never seen a skaven clanrat in my life, much less played an army, and a lot of people tell me skaven are the most ferocious and aggressive army. Is thhat true, and if it is, what are skaven weaknesses and Dark Elf strengths against them?
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Hmm thats a tricky one.. I don't think they have weaknesses. GW cleared them all up pretty well.

Bad leadership? Ah well, we'll give em a leadership bonus for having ranks!
Poor individual stats? Well make them cost next to nothing each.
Magic? Sure we'll give em magic. Extremely powerful offensive magic spells and warpstone tokens just in case they somehow get low on power dice.
Shooting? Yeah give them uber shooting too.

Weaknesses, well their main weakness is the stat line for individual models is fairly bad, so you should be able to win combat. They do have some very nasty combat things though... Also, if you hit their flanks and get rid of their rank bonus then they are screwed.

They have no fliers, or cavalry for that matter. They make up for that with tunneling teams though.

Use dark riders to get to their flanks and your superior troops to kill them, but make sure you outmanouvre them because they will greatly outnumber you...

I have never seen a skaven clanrat in my life, much less played an army, and a lot of people tell me skaven are the most ferocious and aggressive army. Is thhat true

fraid so and is the sorce of the most heated debate fantasy has, 2 only 2 real weaknesses and that is if rank bonus is ever negated they are screwed and there guns have a reasonable chance of blowing them into itty bitty peices... unfortunately the damage they do before this happens more often then not makes up for this so you have to get the jobdone in combat.

nothing that strike last (blackguard are good) lotsa shooty and magic (while their magic is exceptional there magic defense is only average) lots of flank chargers (dark riders are best)
jus make sure you have enough shooting to thin their ranks (likely even with max casulties there numbers will still be in high teens when they reach ur lines) a good unit to except charge (spearmen are alright knights are better) and then flank em.

their characters are good so kill em asap if you can once there gone the ratsies tend to run a little easier, but thebest tac is when you see the first signs of a skaven invasion .... RUN run for all your life is worth (you didn't like the village anyway it smelt funky) and don't look back until the fair realm of nagaroth is soo far behind that your sorounded by the sheer disgusting beuty of the old world (and then run some more for good measure)

seriously though don't play em in anythin bigger than 1000 or 1500 as they will simply own in those games
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Ok , ratling guns will your army like hell as you have low toughness and rubbish armour. They are strength 4 and -2 armour save, and don't roll to hit (they simply roll to see how many shots they get and whether they blow up or not). Every unit of clanrats can have one of these attached to it, they also can't be targeted when they are next to the main unit, despite being on a bigger base size. They have a relatively short range but will mow elf units if they get close enough. Stuff like black horror will take care of them as you can place the template where you like, but it is a bit of a waste as that spell could destroy units instead of pesky ratling guns.

Jezzails, smell bad bad bad. They have a silly range, high strength and good armour modifier. Although your average skaven will win no sharp shooting contests they can be deployed in such volume that they are lethal. Multiple shots from repeating bolt throwers should work nicely, although the little buggers get a 4+ save against shooting.

Warp lightning cannons are unpleasant, but I can't remember enough about them to be more specific.

As has been mentioned before, their magic is nasty. Warp lightning does strength 5 hits and can be cast by engineers as well as grey seers. Also the engineers generate lots of dice with warpstone generators etc. You will need a good magic protection, but when it comes to your turn you should get some really cool dark magic to fling back at them.

Use repeating crossbows as well, most of their units are only toughness 3 so you can do lots of damage with multiple shots.

In summary, don't get stuck into a fight with them, use lots of magic and lots of shooting. If you are forced into combat get rid of their ranks to reduce their leadership.
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I fought Skaven recently, admittedly it was like a GT finalist player... but I got completely slaughtered.

A unit of tunnelers with poisoned attacks wiped out 2 bolt throwers and a mage. Skaven Magic is lethal, and my Level 4 Sorceress on a Dark Pegasus got mowed down by Ratling Gun fire.

I genuinely think Skaven are just ridiculously powerful, and a lot of your success relies on the other person failing dice rolls, or exploding.

Um..some things I have learnt- ignore slaves, don't waste bolt fire on them. Use single rather than multi shots on skaven, and watch for flanker units. Especially gutter runners as they can mess you up pretty fast.
So do you think an army with lots of cavalry, harpies, magic, ranged weapons, elite troops and characters and an assassin would be good against skaven? Are Hydras good?
I think a cavalry heavy army would be weak against Skaven- one Ratling gun per turn killing your unit of dark riders (and check the cost comparison points wise, it's annoying!) and expect several in the army...

Cold One Knights will smash through skaven units like butter, but the problem with Skaven is- you expect to beat them in combat, and your opponent will expect them to die.

Expect to be outnumbered 3/4/5/6 to 1...hehe You can kill an awful lot before it has an impact.
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the problem with the heavy cav list would be that his shooting would make its points, the jezails will have no problem with those nice expensive cold one knights, no problem at all!!

have you considered using the manflayers, they have ridiculous amounts of minuses to shooting so the jezails would be useless but the ratling guns would be able to take them...
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