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What to do with Blood Angels Marines?

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I'm having a problem. The Rhinos have been dumbed down since the last edition. I was wondering if someone could tell me how to put my tactical marines into the army. If they go in drop pods, they have a risk of flying into, well, death. If they do land, they'll porbably end up getting charged, which causes them to lose their furious assault. Should I scratch the marines all together and do an entire infiltrating scout squad army wich charges in the first turn even though they have armor save 4+. Help please: WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH MY BLOOD ANGELS TACTICAL SQUADS?!
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I use them to help fill out my troop list, Little 5 man sqauds with a lascannons (which is much cheaper for tach sqaud as aposed to Dev, sqauds). Many times they end up being A 4 man sqaud when they pump up the DC. I try to make sure all 6 troop slots are filled with these and scout sqauds with PF. The DC is Deadly and can be fed by the black rage striking all of these units. Remmember sargents lose all there previous gear when they join the DC. But Vet sargents can be armed with a Free PF or PW when they join the DC. Therefore all my Sqauds at least have Vet sargs if nothing else. Nothing like swooping in with a 15 strong DC with 3 Pf, 3Pw and a decked out master chaplain. Theres not a HQ sqaud in the game that can withstand this. With free JP and the ignore injury rule, OUCH.
If you are expecting a universal anser you are in cloud cuckoo land, however there are a number of accepted routes, all have their hangups:

1. drop squad, has risks as you mentioned, but dont underestimate the impact of close range rapid fires
2. rhinos - the rhino rush isnt entirely dead, leap out shoot, again you may get charged but it aint like you are paying points for Furious chare and if IG charge you so much the better
3. foot squads - advance up the field and support your assault
4. minimise- entirely unfluffy
tactical squads

tactical squad on foot actually work pretty well. Just make sure you've got 1 or 2 anchoring dev squad or other fire support units so you're not tempted to remain stationary with your tacticals. They're all about being within 12" of the enemy, either lending supporting assaults or shooting the stuffing out of them.

I prefer 2 rhino squads, 2 scout squads, 2 dev squad as my core infantry units in a BA army starting at 1850. to get a little mobility, a single drop podding squad works pretty well. I like to go with a vet squad having a MG, 2 PF's and bolters. works out pretty well.

tacticals rock. Rhinos are not weak if used properly. The only substantive change is you can't assault from them. But they are mobile cover and get your tactical squads to where they can do the most good.

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