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What to do?

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I am going to be fighting a 1000pt hords of chaos army what should i take, I have never fought them before.

The Army I am facing is as follows,

2 heroes (not sure what items they have been armed with)

1 level 2 wizard (again not sure what he has or even what lore he will be using as my opponent is chaos undivided)

2 squads of chaos warriors (one has shields and hand weapons the other is a chosen unite with two hand weapons, the both have musician, standard bearer, and champion)

1 spawn of chaos

I was thinking of this for my force

1 tomb prince with shield and scorpion armor

1 Liche Priest with serpent staff and cloak of dunes

2 squads of 24 skeleton warriors both with light armor one with hand weapons and shields the other with bows

1 tomb scorpion

1 screaming scull catapult with skulls of the foe
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Take a casket! If you can protect it well, in such a low level game it will wreak havoc! Your opponent will have 3 dispell dice, so either he has to use them all on the casket every turn and you pretty much get all your spells without fear, or he has to waste a DD every turn. Such an elite army as that would be crushed by the casket fairly easily. The only realy problem would be if the opponent is Khorne or Tzeentch in which case you'd be in trouble no matter how you looked at it, though then he wouldn't be able to have the lvl 2 wizard. I'd probably also take a unit of tomb guard and another tomb scorp. All those chaos models have at least a 5+ save, so the killing blow will be fairly usefull, and so will the high S and T. (probably also split the large bow unit into 2 units or cut it down to 10 and use the points for something else.)
Thank you for replying to my post I thought I was going to be doomed to just figure it out on my own.

I was thinking of splitting up the bowman. But I may just cut them down cause a casket just sounds too good to pass up. In addition, I think you are right I should probably recon figure to get some tomb guard in, as the killing blow would be extremely helpful.
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