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I have been thinking, "Doh" :p

Anyway it was about the Devilfish and its upgrades.

I found that taking the Devilfish with: Multi-tracker, flechette discharger and disruption pod 105 pts

Or Devilfish with: Disruption pod and Smart missile system 105 pts

Here i found that both the setups drop on the same amount of points, so what do do?

Me i use the transports for my fire warriors that are 9 in their squads.
I kind of like the ability to move and be able to shoot the burst cannon and have some defense in close combat.

What about the smart missile system? (SMS) you don´t need LoS and 4 shoots, and you reduce 1 KP!

So.. If you where to take this kind of setup what would you take and why?


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Why compromise? Drop 3 FWs and take it all and still have points to spare. No reason trying to make FWs offensive when they simply aren't killy.

Here's how I've been equipping all my Devilfish recently:

Devilfish: SMS, disruption pod, flechette discharger, 110 pts

As points permit, I add in a multi-tracker or a targeting array, or both. The MT ranks highest for me, followed by the targeting array.

I've even been playing my hammerheads without multi-trackers to scrimp on points. I do miss them, but they're not entirely necessary either. Moving 6" a turn is enough almost all the time if you deploy properly and use your Kroot and piranhas correctly. Having the extra long-distance shots from the SMS -- at any BS -- has been totally worth it.

And with the revised 'nids on the horizon -- and very strong SW foot armies on tables -- I've started ranking flechettes just as necessary as disruption pods on vehicles. Combine that with the obvious value of SMS on devilfish, and some shifting of points has had to happen. I've learned to make do without multi-trackers. ;)
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Lose the SMS, it makes you lose 1 shot and the potential kill point could help you out in objective games...

Further more it has slightly more survivability, more chances of dishing out shot, and the flechette are a nice bonus...

Mine is usually:
MT, Flechette, DP and SS getting into play for 115 points.

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Why compromise?
Why? because SMS is crap that's why.
What does SMS have? No line of sight. So what? 85% of the time targets are in LOS and if they aren't well 4 STR5 shots is hardly going to be game saving anyway. Seriously the no LOS thing is so overrated on both the Devilfish and the Hammerhead (another place the SMS should never be, but that's another discussion).

This is what I take
Devilfish with Gun Drones (cost? Zero points) a Multi tracker and Decoys and Flechettes as well for 105pts

What do we get for that then eh? Ok well first thing is we get 5 STR5 shots (1 more than the SMS) with two of those twin linked and pinning. Oh and with the Multi you can fire all those 5 shots no matter how far you move, yep even the full 12" because Drones can always fire as long as the Devilfish is legally able to fire one of its weapons (I/E the Burst cannon) and again this means the Drones can fire even if the BC is destroyed because the rule is the Devilfish only has to be legally capable of firing a weapon (which it can with the Multi).

So we have five Fire Warriors equivalent of fire power no matter how far the Devilfish moves. Given the fact that the Devilfish will usually be supporting its own FW's then it will usually be firing at targets the FW's can see, the one that are in LOS (so no use for the SMS there then). Also make no mistake a Devilfish will usually and should be moving either to make sure it is at the correct range to utilise its DP's or to make sure it survives assaults.

Now for the other benefits of the Gun Drones, Flechettes and Multi. The Devilfish is best utilised as a mobile bunker (again note the word 'mobile'). Keep it within 2" of an objective with the FW's inside and the objective is occupied. Move the DF the full 12" every turn (just make sure it ends up back within 2" of the objective, which is legal) and any unit assaulting the DF needs sixes just to hit it.
If a unit is getting close then you can drop the Drones to provide a secondary screen and the Flechettes mean that any unit attacking the DF take hits before they get to attack, if they destroy the DF then they are facing the Drones and a unit of FW's in rapid fire range.
The FW's can retreat into the cover leaving the Drones as a screen and possibly the wreck of the DF for them to traverse to even get to the FW's who are in cover.

If the unit survives the rapid fire then they have to shift a unit in cover with Drone support (oh and I have pinned units before with the Drones, not often but it does happen).

Oh and I forgot to mention that the DF mobile bunker is protected by its disruption and can hide behind the objective. It is very hard to shift a FW unit in a DF from an objective and this is often underestimated.

The Devilfish described above has one weakness, it gives up a kill point if you manage to kill its Drones. Well I can tell you this I cannot remember the last time my DF Drones gave up a kill point, seriously I cant and even if they did die so what if you play Tau properly then you should have out kill pointed the enemy anyway. I would rather have the benefits of the Drones then not take them on the minute risk they may give up a kill point.

To me the SMS has no place on a Devilfish in 5th.
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