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Whats The Highest Rank On This Site

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on this site ive seen like scout * well how high does it go iam j/w and could u tell me all them in order plzzzzz
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The highest I've seen is held by Dragonslayero but not entierly sure what he is, i'll get back to you on that one.

cannon fodder
1 star Scout
2 stars haven't a clue some sort of thing
3 stars scout sergent
4 stars Marine
5 stars uhh lets see if i can spell this right...sergent
6 stars vet. serge
dude the highest ive saw is chapter master
Dragonslayero is a Techmarine with 9 stars (well I suppose thats one thing you could call him, but I have other names :p )

and 7 stars is terminator
I hate being in the military, then I have to sergeant
wait a sec, thats your rank, how do you spell it wrong?
can u guys check out my sm army and tell me what u think ???????
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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