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A situation arose when a unit of my Dragon Princes charged a Stegadon with skink priest on top.

I first said that all the princes' attacks will be on the stegie, I rolled them and he died.

then it turned out the horses still haven't attacked.. so I said those attacks will go on the remaining skink priest who landed safely.

Is this ok? or should I have said from the start and before I roll anything which attacks are going where?

I ask this because what I did seems to give me an unfair advantage where if the stegadon DIDN't die from the princes' lances I can later hit him with the horses. however if I had to decide early before rolling I might want to make sure the stegie dies and put all attacks on him and the skink priest would be safe, while some of my attacks will be wasted overkill.

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Since you're High Elves you're ok - the riders (with ASF) would be resolved before the horses even when charging. More generally you'd have to allocate all attacks before rolling dice, since on the charge all attacks would be at the same time.
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