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Striving for the right
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The above might seem like a dozy question but the issue came up at a tournament this W/E. In essence, do Reserves "start" at the table edge and then move up to their normal movement rate or can they be deployed at the "leading edge" of the deployment zone and then move up to their normal rate?

You will appreciate that this can mean the difference between Reserves being up to 6" or 18" in from the base edge on the turn they arrive which, on a 48" wide table, can have a marked effect on the outcome of the game.

In this particular instance, my opponents (I was playing doubles) had an entirely foot-slogging (very Orky!) Ork Army and they felt they should be able to arrive at the edge of the 12" deployment zone and then move. Both are experienced players and at least one, perhaps even both, have had GT experience. However, given that my (doubles) partner and I were playing Tau, this effectively gave us 2 less turns to try and stop the huge (29-strong) Ork mobz before they got into charge range - and we all know what would have happened then, don't we kids?

I was pretty shocked by their assertion and said that I had never seen it played that way before - and nobody on any of the other tables seemed to be playing that way either. Their counter was that this was normal practice in GT play. Having never been to GT play I was unable to comment on that aspect, so the best I could come up with was that just because that's the way it was played in GTs didn't necessarily mean it was correct.

Fair play and major kudos to our opponents, who then unilaterally and sportingly agreed to deploy their Reserves from the base edge. This gesture undoubtedly cost them the game because we were able to concentrate our fire on the large mobz individually as they moved all the way across the table. If they had been able to bring their Reserves on at 12" from the table-edge then they would almost certainly have won since I very much doubt we could have whittled them down fast enough.

But who was right? I still believe that Reserves should deploy up to their normal move from the table edge but if this is not the way it is being played at GTs then our opponents have good reason to feel they were robbed. And I cannot rid myself of the nagging doubt that they could well have been correct ... ... ...

Advice and comments will be most welcome.

~ Ravenscraig ~

The Fallen
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not sure I am entirely clear on your Q mate, but will try and give you an answer that covers it.

The rules are less than brilliant in this area and I have seen it abused, but the way we try and so it:

Reserves are allowed to enter anywhere along the edge of the table within the deployment zone, however if the opponent has a table edge (eg long table edge) and is allowed to deploy up to 12 inches from it or some similar, then the deployment zone is only really applicable for, well deployment, IE pre battle, reserves come on FROM HIS TABLE EDGE, not from any edge of the table within his deployment zone

I think that answers you yes?

wouldnt worry too much about GT reference, the current flavour of the month for GTs is this, 2 squads, A and B, both shooting, possitioned as follows:


(this is not a swedish pop band)
no you want to charge them? really? which squad? A or B? your first model must move into contact with the squad you declair without comming in to contact, or indeed within 1 inch of a member of the other squad! if he cant do it (which he cant) then he and his unit can not charge! - rules manipulation. but most GT players dont take it too seriously when it gets this extreme

Hominus Nocturnum
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Cheredanine has hit it square on the head, I will just add that the page reference in question is page 84. Each mission specifies how reserves are brought onto the table. Also keep in mind that although you place your units at the table edge they have still "moved" for the purposes of firing. We had a laughable attempt at the our last tournement where a player attempted to place his barrage tanks on at the edge of the table and fire them without scatter the turn they move on.

Dark Eldar Zealot
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I agree with all the above and only wish to again add that Reserves indeed move on from the table edge not the deployment zone edge.

That attempt was a definite “try on” if they were as experienced as you say.

Now if that was a Dark Eldar portal he was deploying from he’d have a point!

But since there is no other portable table edge in the entire game this is not possible.

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