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Which Army To Play Next

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Well im almost pretty much done with chaos and am now focussing my money on a new army, and i sold off all my old eldar for my chaos army.
Now i cant decide between Imperidal Gaurd (cadians/steel legion) and Tau. Ilike both but please give me pluses and minuses on each army and vote for one....i will high appreciate it
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i would say Imperial Guard
hate Tau such a cheesy army all they do is sit and wait!
their a camper army!! Thats what they are made for
And imperial Guard, well havnt read so much about them, but one thing i love is they can makme an army out of tanks alone!!! or a massive men!!!

but when i get my Ranger Army up and runnign ohh hthey will get their asses kicked!!!! Alaitoc Force!!!! just gotta love em!!!
play chaos like the iron warriors, they are better shooters than Tau and they can defend themselves if they get assaulted. And now i am going to laugh to myself to say this since i am a Death Guard player.
do u want more powerful guns? go with tau. do u want MORE guns(like say 150 in about 1500 pts) then go with imp guard.
IG all the way, unlike the Tau they can have Heavy Weps in every squad, not to mention they're cheaper points wise...also with the new Doctrines, they can have basically the same save as Tau, so basically, IG are way better any way you look at it these days
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