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Which Space Marien Chapter should i choose

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I am new to Space Marines, but i cant decide which chapter i should follow i love the look of the Dark Angels and Blood Angels. I like the fluff behind the Ultramarines and the new BT models are tempting as well so i was wondering if anyone can help me finalize my decision about which specific army to play.

I want my army to more shooty but still be able to hold its own in CC.
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Shooty but able to hold its own in CC pretty much defines Marines. Some are more CC than others, but even they can pour out an impressive amount of firepower.

My suggestion is to just get the SM Codex and play around a bit. Pick one of the less common chapters (like the Mentors or the Hawk Lords). That way you have a recognisable chapter, without any preconceptions about playing style or which traits you use. You also have a recognisable paint scheme which you are able to check out before trying, and which you wont have to change if you decide to take, oh... Honour your Wargear (more devastators) instead of Cleanse and Purify (extra special weapons) for example.

If any of your friends or regular opponents plays Marines, ask (nicely of course) if he would like to swap armies for a night so you can have an idea of which units/combinations you like.

Last but not least, check out the army lists posted on the forum. If they are for any of the well known chapters the titles will say. Have a look at a few in the chapters which you are interested in, especially if there are lots of replies (that way anything which is too divorced from that chapter's fluff will have been mentioned {I remember a mechanised force a while back which was apparently Raven Guard}).
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If you want shooty, you could choose a trait like Honor you Wargear(like Corianis siad), and also take a trait like Trust in you Battle Borthers(Squads gain True Grit and Counter attack.)

Also, are you just starting 40k or have you played another army. You need to think about, well if you like Ultramarines fluff, but can't stand painting blue, than you have a problem.
I have played 40k before but not for a while so basically i am starting again, i would like an army that is fairly easy to paint.
LINK - this might help you decide, it's definately got lots of information

The established chapters tend to be polarized towards CC or shooty so you might want to build a successor chapter with your own Traits from the Codex. Get the codex and read through the Traits. The other posts have already listed the three that seems to apply to your combat tactic preference.

I have an army pained dark Angels Green but with tan shoulder pad rims and bolters and no insignia on the sholder pads. They easily pass as Dark Angels, and they are also useable as a DIY chapter when I want to mix things up a little. You could do the same with a blue army...
As previously stated, get the SM Codex first and look through it. During 3rd Ed, I started painting in preparation for play. I ended up painting a little over two squads of Dark Angels, bikes, attack bikes, a few scouts and ended up buying a whole load of Dark Angel characters and then some....only then to buy the Codex: Dark Angel (new at that time) and became VERY dissappointed. Needless to say, I took what was left and made it into a "vanilla" army with all the DA trimmings. That sucked.
I was going to go with a Space Wolves army, until I bought the Codex: Space Marines, and read through it. A Codex Chapter has a good deal of options, are good in ranged and close fighting, and doesn't specialize in any one style of play.

I'd just go with a Codex Chapter.
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