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which would be better for my army, rhino/WW

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i have a whirlwind, which is my only heavy choice besides a rocket launcher, what would be better to use it as, a whirlwind, or rhino?
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Whirlwind, no competition. Rhinos are mobile coffins, just waiting for...hell, anything bigger then a Bolter, to knock them out first turn.
Assuming you have the newer Whirlwind you have the flexibilty to use it either way. All you have to do is swap the launcher for the roof hatch. I have used my Razorbacks that way. I just swap the heavy weapon for the plain hatch.

Tactically speaking I have to agree with Broadside Pilot 100%. There are very few situations where you would want to use a Rhino in 4th edition 40k.
yes i do have the new whirlwind, thanks, ill definatly use it then
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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