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Ladies and Gents...

Starting to think about painting my latest opus (see my project link).. I didn't want to ask this question in the WIP thread

So white cloaks / robes what are peoples opinions for a great finish..

I'm getting the impression that you have 2 choices, either start with a grey and highlight up to white or go the blue grey (space wolves grey) up to white.

It looks like (IMHO) that ForgeWorld have gone the latter route for the Lord of Change's robes..

I am currently leaning towards a white robe as my intended colour scheme will contrast this nicely.

so thought and opinions please on that front..

cheers in advance

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Grey or blue will give you a colder look in tone. The other option is brown, it will be a wamer in tone than the other two and does look good. I think it often depends on the rest of the mini. So if you plan to use lots of blue and cold tones, then using a blue base makes sense with tying it into the rest of the mini. Warmer colours then use brown and grey for a more neautral look.

As to the colours, I would make good use of the foundation dnheb stone (sp?), bleached bone and of course skull white. Something white should never be pure white, as it makes it impossible to highlight. You really need a slight off white colour, and this is where the others come in. Adding progressively more white to either of these colours will get you a nice colour and then white to highlight.


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Start with a light base, if you go to dark the white will have a hard time cover the darker paint. Also it i quite easy to shade down the shadows last if you think the shading gets to bright. Most off the time the shade can be quite bright and still give you a nice contrast.

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Well right now im painting up the new-ish white dwarf subscription model and my colour scheme is based on a classic NASA space suit (white EVERYTHING exept cables and stuff which are red, with a gold visor on the helmet) and im having to do 2 different ways of painting white!

The first technique im using is the following (for the space suit and other bits)

- Basecoat of Astronomicon grey
- Wash of badab black
- A heavy drybrush of the previous colour
- a medium drybrush of 2 parts astronomicon grey and 1 part skull white
- a light drybrush of 1 part astronomicon grey and 1 part skull white
- a very light drybrush of 1 part astronomicon grey and 2 parts skull white
- a final highlight of skull white on the most raised areas

The second technique (good for painting white hair) is as followed

- base coat of Khemri Brown
- heavy drybrush of 2 parts khemri brown and 1 part Dheneb stone
- medium drybrush of 1 part khemri brown and 1 part dheneb stone
- light drybrush of 1 part khemri brown and 2 parts dheneb stone
- very light drybrush of dheneb stone
- another light drybrush of 1 part dheneb stone and 1 part skull white
- a final highlight of skull white.

Hope that helps!

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White is one hell of a colour. It can be one hard nut to crack though. The thing with white is that it is the lightest colour that you can achieve. With that being true any colour that is darker can be used as a shadow. More often than not you will use brown, grey, or blue as these shadows are seen most often in our lives as we tend not to use outlandish light sources.

When it comes to robes most people will end up using grey or brown. Both will give you different effects. One thing that is important to remember is the figure as a whole. Say there are a lot of reds on the model. I would probably go for a white that used brown for the shadow over grey as grey would be a bit of a stark contrast. Anything can be done of course.
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