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Who got the new White Dwarf (WD360)

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I got it and love most of it, except for the one guy's tyranid painting...

Why would you paint the model the same colour as the sprue? The whole thing looks as if he didnt paint it except for the black sections on the back.

I was kind of disappointed with it.

But the rest of the 'Nid stuff seems cool, I went to a hookah bar and rave last night and woke up hung over so I have yet to read through it all.

Oh and the skaven section is pretty cool, and lol at the brood mother, so gross.
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I'd agree with the tyranid painting. At first I thought It was a conversion page as they usually leave the conversions unpainted. I also didn't like the yellow stripes he stippled down their backs, although it offered some relief from the overpowering greyness of the tyranid Stippling it on just made it look messy IMO.

But yeah the Skaven player's painting and conversions were very very cool, I especially enjoyed the Brood mother and the wierd Albino rat. Very gross, very cool :)
Issue 360 huh?, wow that means i have not missed a issue since 178 thats 182 issues i have bought without fail!
Actually the January issue is 361 thats a title typo, so thats 183 issues bought without fail! ;)

You should ask for a discount...
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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