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Why does everyone seem to play SM?

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Why does it seem like there are so many damn SM players as of late? Out of the regulars that play at my local hobby store, there are 5 Sm players, 1 Chaos player, 2 Eldar players, and 1 Necron player. This is excluding my Orks. Plus I have seen 3 new players who have all started a SM army. What is with this? All I ever seem to fight are SM! It makes us Xenos a little bit mad :alien: . Not to mention they are the only army GW seems to care about.
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their easy to use plus they get al the GW attention as the entire SM range provides more income then the entire 40K range.
This thread has been done over and over and people are sick of dealing with it. Also we don't really want to have to make excuses to play our army just cause they get extra publicity. However I must admit having your army worked on all the time is great
Let's take a step back then and look at SM.

SM are a cheap army to start.
SM are easy to paint.
SM are a versatile army (they can shoot and assault).
SM are a forgiving army for begginners to play (compared to say - Dark Eldar).
SM have a cool background (8ft giants in power armour).
SM are the defenders of humanity, and arguably the "good guys"
SM are Games Workshop's "flagship" line (being their most profitable).
SM are the protagonist in a lot of the Black Library novels.

Take your pick, there's plenty of good reasons why SM are so popular with begginners.
With Space Marines, you either love them or hate them..

I think Space Marines are ace and NO they aren't unbeatable or too good they have a cool history and are great to collect..

Though I can understand to some extent why Non SM players dont like them.. They are very difficult to beat and far too popular among newbies..
Please, please, please, please, please use the search!
As Augustine said we are sick and tired of dealing with the same topic over and over!

Sorry mate, had a bad day.
For the answer, the post two posts up, by Addoran, will greatly outline why SM are so often played. :)

I can see the SM advantage, and I have nothing against them or the people who play them.It's just that they are overplayed. If anything, they give me fresh noob to chew up and spit out.
Remember not to fall into the classic mistake though.

Not all of SM players are noobs....
personally, SM is also most played cause the models are also easier to get then other models. the hobby shop i normally go to has lots of SM models compare to something like Orks or DE.
Mostly because they are a forgiving army to play. Rather simple and many choices and books to expand upon. Also, GW concentrates more on them then any other army and they generally appeal to begginners more. Of course not all SM players are "newbs" but its just usually what beginners tend to choose.
well, here is my thought process in picking an army as i remember it:

Orks: from what i know of them....theyre retarded. not "omg gey green peepul" retarded, but "lacking in brain capacity" retarded. plus, how they fight isnt too appealing to my taste...
Eldar: kind of cool, but too weak looking. too fru-fru.
Dark Eldar: male warriors in fishnet pantyhose doesnt really appeal to me, sorry.
Sisters of Battle: cool, but girls. i'm a typical guy...i would prefer to fight with male warriors.
Imperial Guard: "Drown the enemy with the bodies of your dead!" doesnt sound like the greatest battle plan to me. but, as of recently, collecting a strictly tank and armor army of IG has been sounding good. i love tanks anyway....
Chaos Space Marines: too grotesque and evil for my liking. i like their armor, hence why i use it selectively in my SM army, but the fluff behind Chaos is not my cup of tea.
Tyranids: cool, but not my bag. no flexibility whatsoever...basically just "run at the enemy till you can rip them to shreds" type combat. consequently, playing against tyranids isnt as fun because you just shoot at them until they come close and rip you to shreds :/

Tau werent available when i first started collecting, but i like how they look. i dont like how weak they are in CC, though.
iirc, Necrons werent available either. theyre cool, but....meh. i just like SMs better.

the amount of customization possible with Space Marines is remarkable, which is another reason why i really like them.
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Well, I was gunna play Tau, then I realized I shouldn't until I get a better feel for the game. So I asked a couple of friends who have played for a few years and they both said Space Marines, at the same time w/o any hesitation. So I picked up a codex and quickly figured out why they were so awesome.
one of the reasons it seems like so many people play SM is that there are so many of them - ultra's, DA's, Black Templar's and the new trait system allows so many new options. Their also one of the easiest armies to play / paint
IMO, everyone should have a backup force of Space Marines or CSM's at least. They are great fun, very forgiving to minor tactical mistakes and allow you to perform any role.

For instance, I play Imperial Guard, which rarely moves and mostly wants to keep everything at long range. So when I went to buy some SM's, I decided to be compeltely different and I bought White Scars because everything in their army is mounted or moves Uber fast.

I say use Space Marines to spice up your gaming experience and fill the gaps. In the end, they look really awesome, GW updates them a lot and there's honestly nothing wrong with owning a bunch of them.
Dead horse.
I just started with 40k and went for BT, so now your answer why i choose them?

when i want to start a new army i always go for the looks, i dont like to play with an army that looks ugly to me (like orcs, or kinda gay like eldar) No i wanted very cool looking troops, since iam fantasy empire player i really like the black templar with their crusades. And the fluf is real great.

So why the SM are chosen so often is i think more cause their good looks and they seem to be capable to handle every tactic with their chapters.
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Your post smells rather nasty...

Stop hyping yourself up and get over it.
The funny thing is that he goes on about Eldar, gay, etc, but has a name like DorianGray. Go figure.

*Sorry Toastee, I see you were already on the job.*

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