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We'll, I'm totally new to 40k.

But I've only played a few times.
1.Against SM, lost terribly got shot up before I could get to them.
2."Almost won" I blew up his Dread and tank with amazing rolls with the VC.

3.Tau, shot up, mainly from heavier guns.
4.Tau, shot up, same story.

So, I want that whole swarm with gaunts/genes/ and to leave my Heavy Supports in the dust and get to the enemy asap.

I want to make a Winged Hive Tyrant with two sets of Scything Talons for the menacing look and to dominate CC as a monstrous creature. And to stay up with the quick small guys.

My big questions:

1.Where do I get wing bits? I really dont want to buy Balrog wings for 10$ and pay like 7$ more for the shipping from GW :/

2.Can someone link some choices for wings.

3.How effective is a CC Tyrant with SC and a Warp Field, is it effective against tanks etc? How effective is it in general?

4.Is there a post/guide/pictures anywhere of some great looking Flyrants or some How To's? As this will be my first "conversion" and messing around.

Thanks for the help guys.
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