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This thread is based off the tactica Winged Serpent in the army book, I'm looking to make a fast moving army that will get into combat fast, so dispel power isn't too much of an issue. The leader is kroq gar for the spear power to make every wounded model take a leadership test, If he flanks he can easily slaughter a unit, and in prolonged he will endure with 2+ armour save and 5+ ward save.

So I have my lord, what should I do for the rest, for instance;
jsod or priests?
Sallies or stegadon?
Kroxigor or terradons?

And how many cold one riders?
Note: that no saurus warriors will be in the army.

(this is mostly a source for gathered knowledge on how to field such an army.)

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A JSoD is aways a good choice. A BSB (on a cold one) and probably a scroll caddie is also needed (you could give the scroll caddy the diadem of power rather then scrolls or just drop him completely for spawnings of Tepok on all your Scar Veterans).

Kroxigor are always good (RAWR KROXIGOR!). You will almost certainly want skinks to screen and bait fast enemy units so you can get the charge with your 'hammer' units.

Keep the Saurus Cavalry unit sizes small or you will have trouble manouvering (with wide units) and will have few units (if you get deep units). I suggest making most of them only 5-6 strong with no upgrades.

Sallies are good (as always) but Stegadons would be a bit over the top (you already have one terror causer and heaps of line breakers).
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