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WIP: 22C Eldar Heavy Assault Trooper "Wraithguard" Custom

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The main objective was to create a trooper that had a heavy assault look, while maintaining the brutality and militaristic feeling of my army, as wraithguard standard looked too elegant, and didn't fit in with the rest of my 22nd century total conversion. Of course, to be frank, the secondary objective was to create a 10-man squad without spending 200CDN, as wraithguard are ludicriously expensive.

The backpack is not yet finished; I will probably have chains trailing down to the ground. Is there a reason? Not really. Chains look nice. Completely fluffless? Yes, I know.

Think the strong upper-body of the trooper complements the 3+ save of the wraithguard nicely. It looks quite fierce and impervious to damage as well, and doesn't give much of a damn.

Hope you guys enjoy.
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That is pretty darn cool, I think you have acheived the look you want with the model, I just hope the painting does it justice.

Great job!
Err.. heh, thanks.. but my painting never does anything justice :D
I like it a lot, you should however take the edge of the Tau-apperance. Changing the symbols etc, guess you've allready thought of that but anyway.

Once again, lovely red.
oh man you got some interesting... conversions always....



if i wanted to save money.. i'd just buy online =)

but thats besides the point....

interesting conversion?
Err.. what's the tau symbol?

I'm not really into fluff, so I don't know.. I thought that was all just ridges on the armour :D

And yeah, wraithguard are cheaper online, but I already buy all my stuff online. So relative to the other online stuff, it's still more expensive :D

I think this dude only cost me ten bucks, Canadian.
This pice that I marked red is a Tau-symbol of some sort, there might be more but this is the one i recognize.
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the tau symbol is the little circle with another circle in it and a line up the middle (it is on the chest and shoulder pad,also if you look at fire warriors its on they're shoulder pads if you want a better Picture)

look at the top of the page -
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