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WIP: 22C Eldar Motorcycle Farseer "Brutal Leader" Custom

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The sucessor to the sniper farseer on motorcycle I posted a few weeks ago, this one has the more official looking body for true leadership appearance, so the other one will be downgraded to a warlock escort for him.

Actually, one thing, in a movie, you always notice the leader of the squad is never the sniper, but a guy who will get up in the enemy's face. So, it makes sense to give this guy a SMG, plus a looted bolter (chained across his back, note the chains that go around the shoulder). Yeah, Eldar superiority and all the jazz, but honestly, they have a gazillion years of experience. You think they wouldn't notice that their craptacular 12" catapults arn't doing jack?

No wheel column yet, always lazy to make that last. Yes, the right arm looks invisible at this angle, it's hiding behind the body, from the other side looks alright. The proportion is to normal world proportion of bikes, not to the ludicriously stupid-large SM scale... so please don't say the wheel is too small, I would just laugh and ignore you... thanks!
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I like it. It looks cool. And I see you found something to put on the front of the bike....:yes:
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