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The image seems a little grainy, but from what i can see of it, great - i love the stance and the way he's holding his staff - superb.


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Looks nice. Photos a little grainy to tell much detail. But I love the staff, looks great.

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Lovely, if a bit threatening for a Thousand Sons player, I love the positioning.

I like the weathered look on the colours and the skulls on the backpack. Whatever "remarks" I have is but details on a greatlooking model. Thoughts like.

The skulls would maybe look even better (IMO) if you showed how they were attached to the backpack. Some leatherstraps/chain or a couple of bolts perhaps?

It seems to me you made the righthand from Greenstuff, great work Decado, but the thumb could do with just a touch more added GS and the fingers could do with some added "armour-that-indicates-the-different-bones" detail. Hands are by far the hardest part to sculpt, I have yet to be satisfied with any of the ones I make.

Other than these small, and hard-searched-for, details I got nothing but roses.

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the hands are are plastic ones that i hacked from a 2nd ed spare arm sprue so i'll need to redefine the fingers a little.

the skulls are an interesting idea though i'll try ot out on a spare back pack and i'll let you know.

every part to this model is hand crafted the runes themselves started off as sprue.
a liberal application of a lighter to soften it up then pulled thinner than a mm mark on a ruler, cut in to bits and then glued individually to the model.

ive noticed 2 things that need to be fixed though.

1 the Fkng mold line on his left hand

2 the sea serpant needs to come off and go back on its way too thick right now.

as for the quality of the pic im sorry, but i am getting better:yes: honest.
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