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wip ven dread

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i wanted to really go to town on this and have a ven that actually looked like it had been around a while, and that the iron priests had been lavishing loads of attention on this old one for millenia.

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p.s. this was also a test of all the offered links hence the double link so for anyone else who uses immageshack, hotlink 1
and show friends gets this size of screen up.
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wow, looks great (Y) looks very acient. How much time did u put into it? Cant wait to see it painted...what chapter are you painting him?
I agree. There is no big worries about him being straight of the factory... One thing you could add is battle scars... but it looks really good!:yes:
the assault cannon arm took about 4 hours the combat arm took 1 hour, the main body took about 4 hours.

and he is for the space wolves.
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Wow, that's a HUGE dread you are making there. Any chance of turning him to Chaos;) ?

I like how you've done the double Assault arm, it looks "natural". And overall this is a great, fantastic monster.

A couple of details that caught my eye though, the first being his left foot. I think it would look even better if his toes were repositioned to adjust to the barrel.
His left arm could also be lowered a bit to give him more movement. His left leg is brought forth , so his left arm should (or could, I mean he is a dread after all) be on it's way backwards. I found that if one takes movement into consideration those coffins on legs look even better.

Great piece.

EDIT: how could I forget mentioning the claw...I love that claw.
the actual arms arent fixed as i wanted the ability to swap out his weapons fits, but i wanted to represent some movement hence the forward left foot, crushing the barrel.

and it is basically the same size as the normal dread it's added height comes from the barrel on the base.

and if you like i'll post my chaos dread as well? you may notice some simalarities in the claw.
ive got 2 both are wip but to whet your appetite a bit the second stands about twice the height of the normal dread and is almost completely scratch built from defiler and inquisitor parts.
what are you waiting for man? let us see that monster of a dread!

btw smooth looking dread you got there, the shells on the base make it look like it´s actually in combat. Like the claw as well
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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