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The easiest option is to put all units from 3 ordos in the one list
maybe make it so that you can take one of the elites options as troops depending on HQ you pick.

I'd like to see Deathwatch become legal again.

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The inquisitor codii were never supposed to be so inquisitor centric. Its just that they happened to come out around the same time as the Inquisitor rule book.

I think they could do 2 things.
They could go retro (unlikely) and have 2 separate army lists in the one book. Like Angels of Death codex.
or they can combine both books into one big army list.

I don't see why they would need to leave out many of the units, they just need to put in exceptions to make sure your GKs can't steal your sisters rhinos!

I think one big book would be the smartest move, as long as you can make a GK only, SoB only. or Inquisitor only, or a combined force it will keep everyone happy.
As for allies, they will probably be dropped, restricted greatly or represented by generic marines/guard being units in the codex.

GK Master
SoB Cannoness

SoB Repenta

Guard platoon
SM Tactical Squad

Fast Attack
GK Deep strikers

Heavy Support
Penitent Engine
SoB Heavy weapon squad
Land Raider
GK heavy weapon squad

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tbh I have not really looked at either book in a while so forgive me for forgetting some units.

Daemonhosts, Deathwatch kill team become elites

I thought dominions were the heavy weapon squads of SoB (4 special/heavy weapons) in the squad?

so include them as heavy instead of SoB heavy weapon squad, and make celestians Fast Attack.

Any Land raider the GK are allowed are available, maybe even allow a basic russ if you take inquisitor HQ, and guard platoon as troops

GK Mater unlocks non troops GK units, if you do not take a GK Master you can only take GK troops option, not the fancy stuff like dreads or terminators
likewise SoB Cannoness unlocks non troops SoB units
not only that, but taking these locks the radical stuff like daemonhosts.

The list could do with more radical stuff.
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